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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by drumrob, Feb 24, 2009.

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    man your truck is kisk ass I cant wait to get mine together. all you need to do is pull your truck in the garage and turn the lights off in the garage and turn your truck lights on. look at the refelection on the wall. if the refelection is in a straight line your all good. if not just adjust the head light housing,which you should have to do if you put them back as they were. I really like the halo ccfl lights for our trucks. check them out.
  3. jmonte3

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    post some pics, i'll be ordering some hids from there as soon as i get the $
  4. dwill3015

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    I bought my kit from A&R over a year ago and they are awesome to work with! I had questions and concerns that they answered quickly and they have a really great product.
  5. drumrob

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    thanks man yeah I love my truck, Ill for sure adjust my lights I already blind people as it is so Ill bring them down some
  6. drumrob

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    oh for sure as soon as i get them on Ill post some pics, check out the website where I got mine they arent that expensive compared to some other stores.
  7. drumrob

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    yeah I saw you recommended the website to someone else so i just took your word and ordered them, I cant wait to get them
  8. 08sierra60014

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    hey guys im kinda new to this site but about H.I.D s, i have had them in my cars for years and i get mine from hidworld.com you cant beat the price. anyways i would consider going down to the 6000k ive had all of them. the only prob with the 8000k, 10k, and 12, is you lose actual light and you gain color. 6k is still a lil blu/white but it is the brightest. if you have any questions or need pics let me know, i know alot about em....
  9. drumrob

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    Ok so I managed to get some work done. I installed the programmer (Hypertech Max Energy) I also installed a K&N intake and finally installed my HID (8000k) from A&R so I have been stepping on the gas pedal a little bit so far I am pretty happy with the results. Hopefully this upcoming weekend Ill have some time to install the led's under all four door handles. I will post some pics of the HID's tonight.

    Don't forget to change your time tomorrow!!!
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    I LOVE HID's. I won't own a vehicle without them. I have 8000k's in my truck and i used to have 6000k's in my truck. I like the look of the 8000k's. They're not too blue and not to dim, just right.

    Good luck with trying to get the color of the HID's to come out in your photos. Usually the lights are so bright that it over-takes the picture. But if you do get it right let us see!

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