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    Just purchased last Friday a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Ext Cab. 5.3 V8 $4,500. He didn't really know what it was worth but, was wanting to get more than what the dealership was going to give him on trade!
    Got it for a great deal too! I've been searching for quite a while and found this one on craigslist. It has 133,000 miles on it. I bought it from a fireman from up in Keller Tx who got it from his father in law originally. This truck is great to drive. Really smooth driving, handling, ecceleration (except for startup from a stop with the sticky throttle pedal), shifting is excellent, powerful engine...well... I just love driving it. Not sure why but, when I'm on the road it's like I could drive to Galveston with it and enjoy the whole trip there just driving this thing. Maybe it's because I've been driving my little 97 S10 puddle jumper too long.:happy: There are a few cosmetic defects but other more important issues to address that I'd like to run past you guys to see what you have to suggest.

    Ok, first things I've taken care of:
    Electric mirror control not working...fixed..apparently the guy spilled something liquid next to the door and I just took the switch apart and cleaned the contact surfaces of the junk/gunk and the brass pads on the rubber pad.

    4WD malfunction error message: problem fixed...researched and found that it was a cold solder joint on the connectors for the switches so I reflowed/added solder. Problem is gone now.

    Hazy tail lights: Wet sanded and buffed extensively to a polished shine.

    Ok, things that need attention yet:
    Fuel Tank level indication/low fuel warning searching finds that it's burned contact surface on the wire wrapped card inside the tank? I fixed the non-working sending unit on a 94 once and it was just a loose float. I'm not afraid to dig into that.
    Destroyed fog lights/missing Need a visit to the wrecking yards in Mansfield.
    Growling sound from left front It really bothers me but, I think it may be the tires. (I should mention the tires are cupped pretty bad but this sound seems to be a bearing maybe? I need some newer tires soon. Anyone have a set ?
    Sticky Throttle Gas Pedal: This is REALLY annoying since the motor is quite capable of throwing you back in your seat. Some reading on the net says carbon buildup in the injectors?? Sound crazy but, I'll have to investigate it unless someone can give me a quick easy fix.
    Front Differential, transfer case, and rear main? are leaking. Should I fix these leaks or leave them be? Tighten the bolts up or new gaskets/seals? I'm not bashful about digging into these things but, maybe there's something I should let professionals do?
    Third brake light isn't working: This one is a bit puzzling for me right now but, maybe someone knows what is up?

    Other less important stuff:
    Leather seats: I don't like leather but, the price was too good to pass up. I'm on the lookout for original cloth seat covers and will pull these leather ones off. The driver side leather seat pad is torn/taped up.

    Passenger side box fenderflare is torn: Anyone have a spare? :biggrin:

    I need a topper:
    Once you have one, it's hard to not have one! Stuff gets wet, sticky finger syndrome people, and light things blowing out of box are not cool.

    I need step up bars ( have a three door cab)

    Well, there's likely to be more things maybe but, here it is for now! Sorry for all the stuff to read!

  2. 04sierracrewcab

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    i have a set of chrome step bars that came of my truck .. (used but good cond.)
    also i have a set of 4 "hoop" steps..(new)

    if you are interested you can email me and we can see about a pirce and make sure ither would fit
    ryansmith4x4@yahoo.com :great:
  3. alwcurlz

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    thanks for the offer! I found a set right after having posted.
  4. dwill3015

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    Sounds like a great truck, and you know how to take care of it.
  5. Dano

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    my 1999 had the same sticking gas pedal yours does. you have carbon built up inside your throttle body. just get an old toothbrush and some carb clean and scrub the inside of your intake and your throttle plate real good, it'll be perfect.
  6. Z71_usmc_rebel

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    sounds like you a good deal! any big plans for the truck!?
  7. alwcurlz

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    Fixing Sticky Throttle Gas Pedal

    That is exactly what I just did yesterday. I noticed when turning the throttle control there was a little gummy catching feeling that told me where the problem was. I took the air box tube off and found what you see below in the pictures. There is a tar-like film on air passageway near the butterfly and on the backside of it as well. I sprayed into that tube liberally and used an old toothbrush to scrub it and also used a rag and cleaned, reaching under the flapper until it the rag wasn't dirty anymore. I also removed the PCV and cleaned it too. Tried with the brush but found that squirting carb cleaner directly into it, covering both ends with fingers, and shaking cleaned it up good.

    Here is what I found:



  8. alwcurlz

    alwcurlz Rockstar

    Here is the cleaned result:


    Using this carb cleaner:
  9. alwcurlz

    alwcurlz Rockstar

    The PCV:

    How I cleaned up the inside, filled with carb cleaner and shook it:

  10. 04sierracrewcab

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