K&N 57 vs Ingen PF series

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Nemesis76, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Nemesis76

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    I'm looking to put a ram or cold air intake on the new truck, and I've narrowed it down between the K&N 57 series and the Ingen PF series. from what I've been reading the K&N is more of a Ram air design whereas the Ingen is an actual cold air design. The Ingen is a little more expensive at about $300 but it seems legit. I'm curious if anyone has any experience on either setup and what you think of them.
  2. Burden33

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    From when i had my old k&n it was a cold air but it can be made into a ram air if yiu get a ram air hood and the ram air if runninflg the k&n
  3. Nemesis76

    Nemesis76 New Member

    Oops my mistake I misread something, the 57 is a cold air, but it uses a plastic tube instead of an aluminum one
  4. Burden33

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    I had the same ine and the. GAve it to y brother since i got a banks ram air. Its a sonderful cold air specially since u can either enclose it or take the top off and open it up
  5. The Heater

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    I don't have that kind of system on my truck, but I do run a K&N filter. I do it for cost reasons because the filter is washable and re-useable. I like their filters.

    I belong to the Puget Sound BMW CCA and we had a guy with an M5 test his car at our annual Dyno Day, with and without a K&N cone/ram air type intake system on a dynomometer. No change in horsepower or torque was seen (I was right next to the car when it ran on the dyno). We all were surprised, as we had bought into the hype by K&N about "less restriction=more power".

    So, don't get your hopes up too high about a "performance increase" with these aftermarket filter/ram air intake accessories. If you like how it makes your truck engine compartment look, then get that one. Your OEM system is engineered to work well with the OEM configured motor. If you diddled with the CPU or you changed the camshaft, then maybe one of these aftermarket things might help a little, but based on my experts here who did a bunch of modifications to my motor, that stuff provides either little or no performance increase whatsoever.
  6. Nemesis76

    Nemesis76 New Member

    I wouldn't expect to get anymore than a horse or so if any, but I figured if I'm going to do modifications under the hood, might as well start cheap for the time being. The budget is a bit tight.
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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  8. TNTEEPEN_Chevy

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    I'm wondering Same thing but I had a K&N CAI on my 95 Camaro w/ 400Hp so i'm definitely biased to look at K&N am actually looking at one now I have a NBS 07 4.8L.. I recommend buying your CAI off amazon save ya like 50-100 bucks...

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