K&n and throttle body problems

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by wallstetter, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. wallstetter

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    i put a new k&n cai on my truck 2002 chevy 6.0 2500hd and i had to take a throttle body spacer off the truck that the previous owner put on..the fan would hit the intake tub if i didnt take it off..now the the pedal sticks when you go to puch on the gas only at the beginning..as soon as you get it past the intial push it is fine..it just doesnt want to move once its back to idle position or neutral position i guess you can call it..not sure exaclty what to look for or what it could be and help would be great and thanks for any advice
  2. stephan

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    This sounds like throttle plates sticking in the venturi/housing. With engine off, look in there while you twist the throttle by hand. You should be able to see & feel the resistance at the same time. Also could have something to do with taking the throttle spacer off & the effect that had on the throttle ?.?

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