K&N Cold Air Intake not legal in CA?

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    Evan, in Calif. New Vehicles are Exempt for the First 6 Years from Smog Checks,

    Smog Check,
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    Ok just got this and I hope it helps.....


    Each intake system is submitted to California Air Resource Board (CARB) for exemption. However, there is not estimated time frame that it takes CARB to make a system exempt. It really is a waiting game. Once an executive order (EO) number is issued, we apply it to our website and include it with the literature packet when an intake system is purchased from that time forward. Typically, newer vehicles in CA. can go 5-6 years before you are required to have a vehicle smogged. By that time, you will know if an EO number was issued or not.

    To answer the initial question:

    Smog referees perform and under the hood visual inspection. If there is any visible aftermarket components that pertain to the emissions of the vehicle will require an EO number issued by CARB.

    If law enforcement was to pull you over and wanted to “give you a hard time” they can also perform this visual inspection (typical complaint with rice-rocket owners).

    If you are in need of a CARB Decal, you can obtain one free of charge from K&N at www.knfilters.com/decal.htm.

    If you would like to know what States have adopted California’s emissions law, please click the provided link.


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    All good information . I w2ish Utah gave a 5-6 year new vehicle pass on emissions. In Utah you are required to get an inspection and emissions test every other year . Whether you have a new vehicle or a 20 year old. They like he revenue I reckon
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    Cool, lots of helpful info from you guys, thanks. I didn't know about the 6 years with no smog check, that's awesome! Thanks again.

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