K&N Cold Air Intakes... are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Red_October, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Red_October

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    Keep in mind I'm a huge proponent of K&N Air cleaners and have seen positive results in many applications. I bought one for my truck just today. Or yesterday. Whatever. But the other day I was going through Car & Driver, and in the back they had a series of adverts, as they tend to. One was for K&N Cold Air Intake kits... the one for C/K trucks claimed a 17HP boost. Are these significantly better than the stock airboxes? I know GM usually makes pretty good airboxes, my old Buick essentially had CAI from the factory and it was really only worth going to true CAI if you had the Supercharged car and had opened up the exhaust a bit as well (mine is naturally aspirated and only got a low-restriction muffler a few months back). But essentially, do these large aftermarket cone filter kits reap significnant gains when stacked up against high-flow oil-doped air filters in the stock airbox?
  2. crane3447

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    I have found that just droping in a K&N filter does almost nothing. That being said, in the long run they still work out to be cheaper in most newer rides. The days of the $4 air filter are over so $40 or $50 bucks once is a better idea.

    But I have put a couple of the complete kits in different trucks and you can feel the difference right away. My 454 was simply a different truck. You still need to do the exaust to get the big mpg gain, but its worth it. 100%
  3. dwill3015

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    I put one on my Wife's 2001 Suburban 5.3 and it was worth it.
    There are several threads in the Performance section ralated to this same topic.
  4. purplehaze

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    I have had one for the last couple of years and have noticed no difference at all. In fact, since I drive my Suburban so little now a days, I am going to put a new filter in it because I don't feel like going through the whole recharge effort anymore with the K&N. I can get a new filter for $30 and just pop it in. Just feels more quicker and easier and the results are the same with or without a K&N.

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