k1500 timing issues-need help

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by cameronc, May 8, 2009.

  1. cameronc

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    i have a 89 k1500 with a carbed 350 crate motor. when i converted the engine to carb and hei the timing marks and crank no longer line up. i know this could be solved by purchasing a new pulley but to be honest i dont have the time or money right now. i have been playing with the timing for a month now and cant seem to get it right. its always too fast or slow. i was wondering if you guys know a way to time an engine without marks an get it right. i need some help for a quick fix. please help me out. thanks.
  2. Jimmiee

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    Do you have $2.99?? :)

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    Then once you bolt it on it's just a matter of finding TDC. You can do this by removing your #1 spark plug. Stick your thumb or a rubber air gun tip into the hole to form a seal. Turn the engine over slowly and you will know when you are close to TDC as this is the compression stroke ans the piston will try to push your thumb away with air pressure. Now comes the tricky part. Finding TDC where the piston stops before it starts back down. I use a bent coat hanger but anything you can stick into the cylinder to feel the piston will work. Rock the crank back and forth until you are sure you have found TDC. Now if your timing mark is anywhere close to "0" Zero on the tab adjust the tab until it lines up. IF it's way off take a file and make a new notch so it lines up with Zero. Mark this new notch with whit paint or fingernail polish. Tighten down the tab and your done. Now you can set your timing with a timing light to anywhere you want it and it will be dead nuts on! Have fun!
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    Set number one cylinder to TDC, with distributor out of the engine. Make sure u put something in the distributor hole to keep the gear lined up for the oil pump. Step 2- when you have the #1 cylinder at TDC carefully re-install your distributor making sure the rotor button is pointing at the #1 cylinder. Make sure everything is connected and start the engine.
  4. Jimmiee

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    I had the same issue when I changed from a 305 to a 350 crate motor. The timing tab is in a different location and is way off because GM in their infinite wisdom made 2 different pulleys and the timing marks are different because some accessories block the old timing tab view. I "think" this is the problem he is having.
  5. Blazerado

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    Either way if you set it as previosly stated you dont need the use of a timing light.
  6. Jimmiee

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  7. cameronc

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    when i unhook the advance and hook a timing light on the engine right now, the timing mark on the crank pulley is all the way under the water pump. I did bring the truck to tdc and made sure the rotor was pointing to the #1 when i installed the distributor. i took the truck to my local engine shop and they said i had to buy a new crank pulley where the one on the truck is made for a computer controlled distributor. but will the timing tab you suggested still work?
  8. kidashley25

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    if I were you I would change it with a new one. it could be broke again after you fix it.

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