Kansas roll call

Discussion in 'KS - Kansas Chevy Truck Group' started by InMyChevyVan, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. InMyChevyVan

    InMyChevyVan New Member

    let's see how many members besides me are from Kansas
  2. cibach

    cibach New Member

    Im from Ark City, born and raised there. I live in Dallas now though...
  3. DGUT70

    DGUT70 New Member

    Hey, I live in wichita. Been here for around 10yrs.
  4. plumber_rob

    plumber_rob New Member

    I have lived in Wichita for the last 4yrs. I was born and raised in Okla.
  5. ThatSilverStepside

    ThatSilverStepside New Member

    i live about 40 minutes south of wichita
  6. dirtplay1975

    dirtplay1975 New Member

    ark city ks here
  7. saejosh

    saejosh New Member

    I am in derby I just moved the big 5 miles from wichita.
  8. carathers

    carathers New Member

    I live in Cottonwood Falls.
  9. GaryG

    GaryG New Member

    Salina for me
  10. project86

    project86 New Member

    Pratt, KS here
  11. jaybird2437

    jaybird2437 New Member

    born and raised in wichita, in lawrene now for school though, rock chalk baby
  12. bigwood88

    bigwood88 New Member

    born in florida, but currently residing on fort riley ks.
  13. Squee

    Squee New Member

    Been in Wichita since I was four. Wanted out of Wichita since I can remember. However unfortunate, I am still here.

    This reminded me of when I had my motorcycle, before the accident. The first Sunday of every month, everyone would ride to Cassoday. Myself and a bunch of my riding buddies would then keep going, stopping at the Cottonwood Falls, on to Junction City.

    I know most all of you have trucks. If any of you have bikes, or race-like cars, you simply have to try Highway 57, between Liberty Township and Junc. City. You'll find that it is likely one of the most amazing stretches of road in our state.
  14. DeadHead

    DeadHead New Member

    Lived in KS in the KC metro area my whole life. Hate the weather but won't go anywhere else, for now. Hoping to get my 4-wheel drive working before the next nasty winter.
  15. ThatSilverStepside

    ThatSilverStepside New Member

    In Elk county right now, moving to EL Dorado tuesday for school
  16. northwestkansasscrc

    northwestkansasscrc New Member

    rexford kansas

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  17. bwalter555

    bwalter555 New Member

    Live in outside of Olathe
  18. ActionDan

    ActionDan New Member

    Manhattan, KS here
  19. silverado steve

    silverado steve New Member

    merriam ks here my dad is from mead ks been through pratt many times
  20. Z71silverado

    Z71silverado New Member

    Gardner, Kansas

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