keeping tow hooks with grille guard?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by cohen, Jan 13, 2009.

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    I really love my tow hooks in the front for pulling people since reverse IS your strongest gear. I want a bull bar or just the center piece of a grille guard, not all the other stuff that goes over the headlights and all, to mount my KC 57s on while keeping my towhooks. Anyone know of any brand? I mean I guess you could hook a strap to the bull bar but I would be afraid of bending it or something.
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    I have wondered that myself as when I prchased my truck new at the dealer, they had installed the chrome brushguard and removed the hooks.

    I found a great article in the latest issue of Diesel Power that covers towing (using your truck as a towtruck during the winter). The article can be found HERE. Here is also something interesting printed in that same article...

    Always Pull Forward
    Trying to pull someone out with your truck in Reverse should be avoided. Your truck is built to pull forward, which is why your receiver is in the rear. Pulling forward keeps weight on both the rear and front axles, for optimum traction. Pulling in Reverse puts tremendous stress on your front end, distributes virtually no weight for traction to the rear axle, and can't get you up to speed if you have to resort to yanking. Stress on the front axle, axleshafts, hubs, and differential can result in two stuck vehicles, one of which might even be blocking the snow-drifted road you're on. Being prepared for winter is one thing, but preparing yourself and your truck to pull out other cars is another. The better equipped you are, the easier it will be for your truck to live up to its tow truck capability. Remember to be careful when the white stuff falls, but also remember to have fun. Playing "tow truck" is rooted deep in a diesel's long list of attributes.
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    Your truck has a lower gear ratio in reverse, reverse is not stronger though.
    As the article Darcy quotes says its not advised to pull in reverse.
    When driving in reverse the pinion runs on whats refered to as the "off side" of the ring gear, the off side of the ring gear doesnt make as good contact and meshing with the pinion gear as the running side of the ring gear and has a habit of either destroying the ring gear or the pinion gear when subjected to large amounts of stress or force.

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