Kenwood Intros the KAS-1 Dynamic Power Solar Mono Amplifier

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    Long Beach, CA (04.01.11) - Kenwood will be introducing a new solar amplifier technology that is environmentally friendly under the Kenwood line of products in 2012.
    At $1,000 Suggested retail price, this will be the first solar powered amplifier available in the market thanks to the use of high capacitance boosted beam technology. This amp is completely self powered by the sun and can run for up to 5 hours in complete darkness thanks to the Lithium derivative storage components inside. An optional power connection will be available to dealers sometime between January and July that will enable the amplifier to actually charge a car’s battery while parked.
    Unique features like the dual-mode solar indicator LED, which lights up in green to show that the amp is in Eco Mode (Solar powered), and lights up black to show when it’s using the Lithium battery power. Dynamic power ratings vary by region. For example, Seattle will produce a range of 80-250 watts RMS on average, while Phoenix brings in an amazing 450-800 watts RMS on average.
    [​IMG]Dave Hoag VP of sales said “We really took our time, studying the automotive eco system to make sure we left the smallest electrical footprint possible. Our children’s cars will have to live up to the decisions we make today.”
    The KAS-1 will start shipping in January 2012.

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    April Fools........ Sorry guys...
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    Solar powered amp huh? Good one.

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