key fob ?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by crazyforgms, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. crazyforgms

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    I just bought a 1998 chevy ki500 silverodo loaded with every option but the truck didnt come with a key fob was that a option ? i now i can get one on ebay but will it work with the truck.

    happy motoring
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  4. crazyforgms

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    key fob

    thank you for the info i will check it out i live in waterford n.y
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  6. crazyforgms

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    when i get one do you guy know how to program it?
  7. JamesE

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    same thing happened to me. easy to program. I bought two different fobs on ebay.

    Jump the #4 to #8 port on the OBD2 plug under the dash below steering wheel (#1 is top left).
    Use a paperclip. you will not harm any systems by doing this.
    The locks will cycle 3 times or so to signal they are ready to receive new fob. if not, turn key, but no need to start car.Hold down lock and unlock same time until the door locks cycle. If you have two fobs, do the second one next, same holding down.
    Pull the paperclip out and you are done. to test from inside truck.

    97 GMC Suburban K1500
  8. crazyforgms

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    is there a way to check the rpo codes to see if the truck came with key less enter
  9. Pikey

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