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    Hey Guy's

    I am wanting to buy a second key fob for the keyless entry. I read here in the forums the procedure for learning the new fob, looks pretty simple. I was curious, if I got a used key fob from a auto wrecker, could that key fob be programmed for my truck. Has anyone tried this or had any experience with this?
    Also, is there any places here in canada to buy oem parts and accessories other than from gm.
    I would also like a little input on remote starters. I think my truck has the remote start ready package so would that make a factory remote start almost a plug and play unt?
    Thank's in advance for your help

    08 gmc 1500 sle
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    No problem programming used fobs. Just be sure to have all fobs and program them at the same time. In other words you can't just add a fob, you have to reprogram them all.

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