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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by countryboy73703, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. countryboy73703

    countryboy73703 Rockstar

    I have a keyless entry remotes that ticks me off all the time.. if i'm in a parking garage with no cars it will for from like 150 feet or so, but if I get out side some times it won't work unless i'm within 5 feet of my truck, and pointing the remote at it even... very irratating especially when I walk off forgetting to lock up, and then I have to walk all the way back because the remotes signal is so weak... if I buy a replacement remote will it fix the problem? and how hard are they to program for the vehicle?
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I would just get a new battery to start with and reprogramming i never actually learned how to do with that model. I think there is a section in the Owners manual about it.
  3. countryboy73703

    countryboy73703 Rockstar

    ya.. I've replaced the battery before... same result as I'm getting now... the signal strenth is just weak coming from the remote...
  4. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Ok i guess yeah time for new remotes.. If nothing else you can get the new remote and ask the dealer. But as i said i believe that there is a procedure listed in the owners Manual (if i remeber properly from my 1998 when i went thru the manual looking for capacities etc.)
  5. sstoner911

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    A lot of things can deminish your signal. Window tint is the biggest one. i am not sure where the antenna is, however i think its in the drivers side A depending on which side of the car you point the remote and what stands between it...your range may vary.

    My pyton remote is suppose to have a 1 mile range.....but between my window tent and if the trucks ass is facing me and I am in the middle of SuperWalmart its hit and miss on range.
  6. AmericanSpazz311

    AmericanSpazz311 New Member

    Sstoner, really window tint diminishes the signal? I honestly never knew that! No wonder why my Blazers remotes were so weak, even when the truck was brand new! I always had 5% Llumar tint all the way around and 30% on the entire windshield. It always pissed me off that my friends could lock and unlock their doors from 100 ft or more away and I had to walk all the way back to 3 ft away just to get mine to work! Like countryboy says, it's very irritating. I tried new batteries, new remotes...nothing ever worked! Now I have an '08 Silverado with that "extended range" remote with the starter.....WOW!! No more walkin allllllll the way back to the truck just to unlock it when my g/f forgets something inside!!!

    I'm not doing the dark tint anymore either, you don't even wanna know how much $ the city made off me from all those tickets over the years. Hell, I don't even wanna know! :gasp: My vehicles were always known as the Darth more! I just can't afford it anymore LOL Damn cops! I always wished they'd leave me and my tint alone and go after that a** in the BMW weaving in and out of traffic, cutting everyone off!
  7. countryboy73703

    countryboy73703 Rockstar

    thats kinda makes since, but if it's in the A pillar then why would the tint matter regardless considering it's enclosed anyways.. and if that was the case what so hard about relocated the antenna to a batter area.. ja know?
  8. sstoner911

    sstoner911 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My antenna is on the front windshield along the top edge....I use to have a strip of tint on the top of the windshield..after getting a crack in it from a rock I had my insurance replace the windshield but not that strip if tint....Half of my range issues went away. If your OEM atennna is in the a pillar relocating is not going to be easy or even possible.

    The tint will deminish the signal getting through.....some tints are worse than others. I have talked to some guys who have had to remove tint because it was blocking the signals from the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors.

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