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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by blackburb, Mar 30, 2014.

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    My '01 Burb only came with one fob. I bought another used GM (not aftermarket) fob that matches the numbers on my existing (working) fob. It looks like new. No wear on the buttons at all. Has a new battery (tested good). The truck goes into program mode as evidenced by the locks cycling, but holding the lock & unlock buttons on the new fob does nothing. I've read all the threads on programming and this seems to have happened to many others. But no one ever has an answer at this point. Is there any way to test the fob? I know with infrared remotes, they're easy to test. But is there a way to test rf? I have to say this is really ****ing irritating:grrrrrr: I've purchased and programmed other GM fobs in the past with no problem.

    I'll also say slightly off topic, I had a spare key cut that doesn't work either. I brought it back and they re-cut it, but it won't work at all in the doors and only works one way in the ignition. Arg!
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    Re the Key, I'd suggest you take your vin to a dealer and ask if they can lookup the key-code for the locksmith. If the dealer can't find the info, you may be able to pull a lock for the locksmith to "decode".

    My guess is that your existing key is old and worn that won't copy well. I've has similar issues with keys for my bikes.
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    There are some years when the fobs can only be programmed once so you have to get new ones, not used. You may be out of luck.

    Re the key it is common for the keys to wear down over the years. A good locksmith (hard to find these days) can decode the key and cut a new key to the same code to compensate for the wear. You can also get the dealership to cut keys to code but they will insist on seeing title and ID and will probably charge more.
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    Well, what the hell? What years? The internet seems to have all the answers to any technical question you could possibly ask, but something as simple as keyless entry nobody knows for sure? It's no wonder GM went bankrupt. What a bunch of idiots they were!

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