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    ok so ive run into a little problem... i currently have two 12" polk audio DVC MM's in my truck powered by a 1200 watt MTX Jackhammer amp. Little did i know yesterday that the tip of my speaker cord going into my amp broke off... So i was running one sub to the same power that i usually run two. needless to say the one that was still plugged in is now blown... I am now looking at selling the working sub and maybe even the amp... I am looking at buying two 12" Kicker CVT's either 2 ohm or DVC 4 ohm.... anyone know anything or had any experience with these subs??? I heard one of them on a 400W amp in a single cab S10 but being in an extended cab silverado it will deffinately sound different... also should i keep my amp or look at a new one? if so whats good out these days

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    Your best bet in judging subs, is in your box ultimately. That can't always happen, but a cheap sub could sound better in you specific box than a really expensive sub. It has nothing to do with their quality really if you don't have the proper box.

    However, if you combine a fantastic sub with it's own proper box, then you get magic. You friends Kicker may sound great but you could hate it once in your box. It has more to do with it than your extended cab over a single cab.

    Does that even help a little, lol??
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    Check out RE Subs. I've heard nothing but good things about RE Audio.
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    yes this makes loads of since!!! thanks buddy!

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