Kicks on Route 66 is the name and the date is July 18- 21, 2008

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    Kicks on Route 66 is the name and the date is July 18- 21, 2008

    Here is the site for the Oklahoma Route 66 Association

    Mark your calendars and work on your vacation time. Would love to meet as many as possible from the forum and the Meet is open to anyone who wants to come so invite all you know or see.
    We will have printable 8.5 x 11 and 4.25 x 5.5 flyers for you to pass out or email to anyone you know very soon.

    We want this to be a simple meet of friends from a forum that love HHR’s and w no big fees and all money being used for the meet. We want lots of times for sitting down and just visiting and will work out some places to go but I really want to just do a lot of meet and greet and get to know people.

    If you would like to help on the run and do some of the poker check points and help with different items like tallying votes and things like that, let Deb or I know. Even if you volunteer you will be able to do all the activities.

    Registration and Hotels

    Registration- $35 by personal check or money order or $36 if paying by Pay Pal to

    Email me for the Word file for registration that can be opened, filled out, singed, scanned and then emailed back to me. If you email back to me w/o scanning so i have your signature, please print one and mail it to me so we have your signed registration on file.

    Hotel is La Quinta and Registration is open.
    Prices are:
    2 Dbl beds- $46.55
    King- $56.05

    Call our Group and Tour Department at 1-800-642-4239 and identify themselves as members of the Chevy HHR Family party, Reservation Bloc confirmation number 0595GRCRXF.

    If you want to book you own hotel, please feel free to do so but I think it would be more fun to have everyone in the same hotel for as much fellowship as possible.

    Goody Bags
    We will have goody bags for only for those who pre-register or for as many participants as we can muster. All who register first will be get them till we run out, in other words, first to register, first served.

    Dash plaques with the picture you saw on the post will go to 1st 50 who pre- register.

    Route 66 CD- CD in hand and go to st 50 who pre-register
    CD has car songs and the Official Kicks on Route 66 picture burned on the top of the CD to make it a true collectors item to not only be looked at but listened to for a life long memory.

    Door Prizes
    We will pass out door prizes at the awards ceremony on Sunday at 6 pm.
    We will have a separate drawings using registration names that will go in a box.
    Door prizes will be told as we acquire them and will be listed under here so check back.

    We will work on a t-shirt and these will be a 4 sale only and if anyone orders ahead of time we will have them for you when you get there. I will get the best price I can. The people that will be doing my plaques and dash plaques also do T shirts.

    Right now we have 2 vendors to be there w Mel Joines doing window glass etching. Work with him ahead of time to get it so he will be ready to work on your HHR

    Poker or a Bean Run both days.
    We will do a Poker run one day or a Bean run both days w a $5 donation. The whole pot would be split 2 to 3 ways depending on how many participants. Award Plaques will be for best 2 to 3 hands as well for the winners each day depending on # of participants.
    Poker run- consists of stopping at designated points on your map and drawing a card at 7 different points. When you get back you turn in your cards and best 5 card hand wins. Top 2 to 3 winners will be announced at the Car show on Sunday and plaques awarded and the money in cash awarded at that time. You will be able to enter and pay for the Poker/bean runs ahead of time if you like to.
    Bean Run- consists of stopping at 7 designated points. You reach in and get a bean from each check point and pick any bean of the 13 to 15 available. Points for each bean and only the point counter will know the value of the beans. When you return after the run you turn in your beans in and your points will be tallied. Winners will be announced at the Car show on Sunday and plaques awarded and the money from the pot to the 2 or 3 winners.

    Treasure Hunt during both RT 66 runs on Friday and Saturday.

    Our Tom of TomsHHR is going to do a 2 day treasure hunt while on the run to Quapaw and Arcadia. There will be a 1st and 2nd Place winner.
    Details to follow

    Texas Holdem Poker Championship
    We will have a contribition amount to donate and chips will be given. Award Plaques will go to the top 1st and 2nd places.

    Leave Tulsa from 9 to 11 and go NW to Quapaw on Old Route 66 starting from downtown, around 100 miles with 14 cities and the Will Rogers Museum along the way. Everyone will be furnished a map for both days with points of interest to see. So that would leave lots of time to stop a lot of time and spend the day looking and learning and having fun w a breakfast to start and then dinner at Quapaw.
    get on I-44 and head back or go back on RT66 w no stops to Tulsa and the hotel.
    Back at hotel, we will have a room at the hotel large enough to let everyone show up and chat and visit.

    Next day we depart between 9 - 11 to the SW to Arcadia leaving down Tulsa again with another 100 mile day w 15 towns to stop and look at and spend the whole day looking. Dinner will be in Tulsa or in Arcadia.
    On both drives back it would be 1.5 drive back to Tulsa to make a great day and end up back at the hotel for a short get together and visit both days.

    Short service- by our Chaplain Frank Holmes of Holmes Hot Ride. This is only if you want to attend. Carol and I will be there. There are some other possibilities with Frank if he can attend and we will add these later if worked out.

    9-12- How-Tos from suggestions from the site with several helping from the forum.
    Bring mods you have bought and let me know ahead of time what you would like to do and we can have a class demonstration as we teach you how to do it.
    One thing that we could do and I will bring my tools is have a How to day on Saturday Morning for anyone wanting to bring your mods w you and have some pros help you install the mods.

    Lunch 12 to 2

    Car Show 2–6 and Judging from 4 to 5, Fellowship throughout.
    All registered will be entered. Participation is not mandatory but with the 4 classes why would you not want to join in and have fun. at 4pm, sheets will be handed out to all entered for participant judging and you will only be allowed to vote in the other 3 classifications you are not entered in. A participant will not be allowed to vote on his own class. This will try to make judging as fair as we can.

    1st, 2nd place in all 5 classes.
    Classes are:
    1. Stock, no modification
    2. Mild modification
    3. Medium modification
    4. Extreme to custom modified
    5. Panel or AA5

    American Graffiti Dress Up Contest
    This a great idea from Deb to have a contest during the Car Show to dress up from the Route 66 era. Things like poodle skirts, cat eye glasses, rolled up jeans and white t-shirts...that sort of thing, like they were dressed in American Grafitti. Participants in the car show will vote while they vote on the car classes. Must be registered for the Meet.
    1 award- Best dressed person or couple of an HHR that is registered.

    Awards at 6 pm for:
    10 award plaques- for car show
    1 Award for best dressed in the American Graffiti Dress Up Contest
    4 award plaques and money from pot- poker/bean runs
    1 award plaque- Longest Distance Traveled by HHR
    2 award plaques- 2 bonus runs from digital pics, free items or handouts collected from the most points from Chicago, IL to Baxter Springs, KS and from Los Angeles to Edmond, OK. If you use a 35 MM camera there are tons of places in Tulsa to have your film developed in time for the contest once you get to Tulsa. Last Chance to submit items on the bonus run will be Saturday night at 10 pm.

    Dinner at a place if anyone wants to attend together. Back to hotel to relax and fellowship.

    Breakfast at the 5 and Diner and then leave for home or on more of your vacation. A last chance to fellowship for as many as want to attend.
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    Do you have any photos you'd like to share from this meet/show?

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