Killer Deal on Superchips Max Micro Tuner's

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by neversummer, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. neversummer

    neversummer Member

    Hey guys, just passing along this info. I had to return my Superchips tuner to Superchips today to be returned to stock cause it was locked on my old VIN for my old truck that i have no longer. they are doing it for free just had to send them 12.50 for shipping and handling.

    also on their web site they are discounting all Max Microtuners I have one and the things given my truck so much more power, you can adjust spedo for oversized tires or rims, change shift firmness, shift point, rev limiter, and really gives you more power and torque, you can also program for Max fuel efficiency. i have had nothing but success from this i bought mine for 350. They have a new model and are closing out all the old ones for only get this


    thats a deal
    here is the link
  2. SupermotoAbuser

    SupermotoAbuser New Member

    i have a 2001 silverado 4.8 and i was wondering how many miles a gallon better i could get with one of these. What did you experience.

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