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  1. asstda2b

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    Ok, so i was made fun of last night because even though87 gas is 2.89 and 92 is 3.05, I have been putting in 92 gas lately. No I have not really noticed a change, but everyone knows I did a bunch of stuff to my TB, mine isn't stock. I guess what I want to know I the only dork who puts 92 in their TB and everyone else puts 87. I am just wondering. also, if you p ut 92 do you notice a difference.
  2. hawkce

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    the only thing 92 is for is if you have a high compression engine. Try using 87 and if your truck starts knocking and running sluggishly then try the 89 to see if it's enough to stop it. If that doesn't work go back to 92.
  3. ScarabEpic22

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    Yeah, what hawkce said, dont run higher than needed octane gas, it will only cost you more and with the compression ratio of the TB I6 engine, it could result in a piston carbon deposit over time. Unless you have a Westers tune or a Jet Chip that requires 89+ octane, you are probably better off running 87 or whatever lowest it takes to not have any knocking.
  4. Outlaw5.0

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    I run 89 octane, why chance knock for a few cents. I run a developement dynamometer for a living, so I know what 87 octane can do, and not do.

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