KMC XD Monster 20x9 $400 obo

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    I have a set (4) of 20x9 XD Monsters with a +18 offset up for sale. They are a normal 6x5.5 but also fit a 6x135 lug axle as well. Had them for on my truck for about 17 months. They are in great shape, just a couple little marks. Black color is still solid. Only thing missing for them is 1 lug cover, other 3 are still in my possession. Brand new they run any wheres from 850 up to 1100. I would like to get 400 or best offer. If you are interested in them contact me here, they are pick-up or local delivery only. Hampton roads, Virginia area up to a 100 mile away. If you're interested you can either contact me on here or send me an e-mail to my personnel:

    here is an image of the wheels.

    Waxed side view.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to mention this, They will be available for pick up around the 7th of Jan. As that is when ill be back to the Hampton Area from Michigan with my new wheels installed.
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    Hey bro i see you posted this a month ago so you probably dont but do u have these still by any chance?
  3. sfdefender24

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    I no longer have them, they have been sold. sorry
  4. devil_doc7721

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    Alright man i appreciate you gettin back to me either way

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