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    August 22, 2009 027.jpg


    mower and fishing 005.JPG Being as I'm sure there are a few folks on this site that share my love of fishing, I thought I'd share a few pics from the 2009 season. Enjoy....

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    Nice....So that is what a Salmon looks like.....Down here in Calif will have Not been able Fish for Salmon for going on 3years it Sucks!!!....Love your Proline,My Dad has a Proline and I really enjoy Fishing on it.
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    Thanks, I know what you mean as far as west coast salmon fishing. I grew up in western washington in Tacoma, salmon fishing was great in Pudget Sound as a kid (70's and 80's) but now it's dead. Staying here is Alaska as long as possible.

    Nice truck by the way!
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    Wow those are nice Salmon, just like the one's on the Discovery channel that you usually never see in real life. My dad always wanted to live in Alaska, but I couldn't live without all of my fancy electrical gadgets!

    One stupid question though, what kind of fish is that in the second picture down. It is white on one side, and like brownish color on the other side? I know I've seen it before, but it don't look like no Salmon?? :happy:
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    Those beauties are pacific halibut,VERY tasty fish. Average size is 25 to 70lbs. Biggest one I've caught was 82lbs, my wife caught a 126 lb'r about 10 years ago. 450 lb halibut was caught this year on south side of the Island...too dry and tough when they get that big. Here are a couple of the bigger Halibut I've caught recently.

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    Looks like someone had fun!:lol: Thanks for the pictures! :glasses:
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    Looks like i good time, Great pics!!!!
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    AWESOME pics!!! looks like you've had a lot of fun!!!
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    Makes me feel like going fishing!

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