L5 10s or 12s?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by chevymanlobo, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. chevymanlobo

    chevymanlobo Rockstar

    ok so i was just wondering how the kicker L5 10s under the back seat of my 09 1500 compare to the same set up but with the infinity 1262w 12s or the kicker solo classic 10s... any other kicker/infinity sub that would fit in a 6.5" mounting depth box. which would be louder? ive had the infinity before but ive heard the L5s were louder than those. thanks
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    For loud I would go with the Kicker..If you want a cleaner sound look in to the JL w3's.
  3. HawaiiKid

    HawaiiKid Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    Doesn't really answer your question, but I love my new Alpine Type E's (2 10s)...really responsive, and loud enough to not be able to listen on full volume for more than 15 mins. I wish I could have gotten Type R's, but there was no way those would have fit in the underseat box that I already had for my Rockford Fosgate P1S4s.
  4. chevymanlobo

    chevymanlobo Rockstar

    the reason im asking about the kicker and the infinity subwoofers is because my cousin has a local shop that are kicker and infinity dealers so i can get them for a really good price. im thinking now its between the kicker solo classic 10s or the L5 10s
  5. jlwz71

    jlwz71 New Member

    I have 2 L5s under the back seat in my 99

  6. lsutoms

    lsutoms Rockstar 100 Posts

    ok this is almost the exact set up that im looking for.. im looking for either the l5 and l7 10's right now... im back with my kicker cvt 12's because i just took my l7 15 out of my truck.. how do these subs sound? im looking for a sub that will kick good but will still hit and roll on the lower notes pretty decently...

    also how many watts are u running and how much air space do you have in these boxes?
  7. jlwz71

    jlwz71 New Member

    1200 true rms JBL amp, about .8 ft per box which is tight for them but they kick the hell out of the truck. I installed dynomat in the truck because it was vibrating every damn thing in the there. If I mounted the amp on the back wall I could squeeze in more airspace I like the amp where it is.

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