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    Need to have the intake manifold gasket redone on my 98 7.4L. Its starting to leak and it does need to be done before it gets much worse. Got a quote of about $250 for labor and $30 for the gasket. Sound reasonable to you guys with all that crap that has to be r&r'd?
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    Back 2 years ago, had to replace a right, head on my 2000 silverado. I think I would have loved to have paid 250 for that... As far as I can remember the intake was the easiest part to deal with. Unless I have forgotten something. If it were me, I would try it myself.
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    my friend that is a hell of a deal for a LOWER intake gasket... if that is what your talking about it definitely beats doing the work yourself, however the upper intake plenum gasket is much easier...

    assuming you are in fact talking about the lower intake manifold gasket I would go for it, just make sure the shop is reputable, and when you go to pick it up, before you leave pop your head and check for cracks on your intake manifold and plenum, because they dont always torque everything as the factory specifies

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    Thanks guys, it was the lower and upper. He ended up doing it for $220 labor and that included replacing the starter, cap and rotor, upper and lower radiator hose, bypass hose,serp belt. He's a ase master tech that opened his own shop after the local Chevy shop here went under. He's never done me wrong.

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