Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction: Wanna cry? Watch this video. I gotta go to this!

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    Here is the copy from that article.


    Lambrecht Chevrolet of Pierce, Neb., was like many Midwestern, small-town dealers — owned and operated by a family, with minimal overhead and little need for advertising since most customers were neighbors. Ray and Mildred Lambrecht ran the dealership with just one employee for 50 years before closing up, and later this year the Lambrechts will sell off a trove of 500-odd vehicles they've held onto over the decades — including roughly 50 with less than 10 miles on their odometers. It's less a car sale than a time capsule auction.

    While many of the cars in the Lambrecht collection were customer trade-ins that were left outside to rot, the Lambrechts would occasionally take something they couldn't sell and just put it in storage. City folk might find it unthinkable to leave so many vehicles lying around for so many years, but there's always more space in rural Nebraska, and the annual costs fall to zero quickly. I wouldn't call it hoarding, but I know many people who gather old metal like this do form an attachment to their kingdom of rust; every ride has a story, even when there's weeds growing around it. Jeannie Lambrecht Stillwell, the Lambrecht's daughter, says the decision to sell wasn't an easy one for her parents, and that the cars "comprise a lifetime of hard work, tears, and joy."


    325e6b46-07b4-45f8-8cda-22499ec7655d_1L_1.JPG f4391836-d3e8-4360-8558-da02f0c6044a_1L_3.JPG 571e321e-ae0c-4136-9f80-281070fafe03_1L_4.JPG dd77bf1c-7122-4284-a643-26baa904640c_1L_10.JPG 0ccf8521-63fc-4419-80fa-174d038d7bf7_004.JPG 384e0b27-21e4-4f55-abcb-818962b78c23_10L.JPG db990bbe-feef-434b-8a92-2c2ea03bfcf1_11L_5.JPG 8b113bf4-5d5c-4dbb-b9da-8f2dcac7b9b0_11L_10.JPG 158cc6a8-f2ea-4041-a38c-b083e2fa2edb_11L_12.JPG d2b033cb-6405-4d2c-aa1d-c7d107d81303_15L_3.JPG d52653da-07f5-49ac-bab0-aff342834d05_15L_5.JPG 65951211-1234-450f-8c90-a8b41a562564_15L_6.JPG 80b2ac5e-f06f-46cd-af10-98e79cf0c7ba_15L_7.JPG 86eab95a-dd47-44fc-b552-429a5492ad21_15L_9.JPG fb3bc5f8-2486-4f61-b9d5-91f9508c565c_15L_15.JPG c7ea2947-4f59-4d12-8e0f-5f961a3d3de7_021.jpg

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    I was hoping someone had more pictures,besides these four.Must be nice!
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    Saw this in Autoweek yesterday. I wish I had won the Powerball a few weeks ago.
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    Absolutely stunning, what a treasure trove of automobile history.
    They havent even mentioned the NOS parts stashed in the warehouse, any well stocked small town dealer is gonna have shelves of parts.
    Probably tons of original literature for sales advertisement too.
    Im sure the bidders will all be heavy hitters in the collector world.
    My wife and I started a company a few years ago that cleans out closed buisnesses, a place like this is a dream that can be the score of a lifetime. Surprisingly theres many buisnesses out there like this that are waiting for the owners to make the decision to finally liquidate.
  6. phoebeisis

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    Kinda sad
    But it reminds me- better buy my MegaMillions
  7. stchman

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    I just have a hard time believing that the tires on those card from the 50s and 60s are still original. I would have thought they would have been so dry rotted that they would have been flat.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    They are cracked but they were indoors most of the time I would not drive on them...
  9. ChevyFan

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    This auction is coming up soon. I forget when the exact date is, but all of the major news outlets like Fox and CNN are running stories on it.

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    Oh, I guess it's tomorrow.

  10. tbplus10

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