Larry the Cable Guy Gets it Right

Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by Vincennes02261897, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Vincennes02261897

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    LOL. I was just watching a little of Larry the Cable Guy's Tailgate Party standup on Netflix and thought one of his jokes was pretty funny. I couldn't find a clip on youtube so I'll share the transcript with you guys. I think you'll enjoy

    00:25:12 But the commercials that really aggravate me...
    00:25:16 is them dad-gum pickup truck commercials.
    00:25:19 I think they're marketin' pickups to drunks.
    00:25:19 I really do.
    00:25:23 I think they want drunks to buy pickup trucks.
    00:25:24 That explains the commercials. I ain't never seen somebody goin', "Can I help you?" "Yeah, listen, I'm lookin' for a pickup truck...
    00:25:31 "that I can drive up a giant teeter-totter with two eight-ton pendulums...
    00:25:35 "swingin' at me in different directions there, "go through a fire hoop, stop before we get to a cliff side.
    00:25:39 "You got somethin' like that in there?
    00:25:40 "'Cause we're gonna get drunk this weekend and see if that stuff really pans out...
    00:25:44 that you talk about in the commercial." Good Lord. I just want a pickup truck I can put my empties in, ya know?
    00:25:52 I ain't tryin' to be Indiana Jones.
    00:25:55 They're drunk in the commercial. Watch the commercial.
    00:25:57 That one fella goes, "Huh. I didn't even know I was pullin' a trailer." [ Laughing ] If you don't know you're pullin' a trailer through a fire hoop, you're an alcoholic.

  2. sgtsjj

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    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I remeber watching that one, sadly just reading that I can hear his voice
  3. jake's silverado

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    I think we all ... can hear his voice!
  4. Coach24

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    Yeah but I don't care who ya are that der is funny

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