laser scramblers legal?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by krazyballer, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. krazyballer

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  2. TrailLeadr

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    You have the right to own, and operate equipment that detects radar equipment, but not to operate equipment that is known to interfere with equipment police use to maintain the local laws. That scrambler looks a lot like a detector, so you could probably get away with it, but the fine for getting caught with it would likely outweigh the fine for being caught speeding.

    That's a tough area you live in, being so close to 495, and 93, those state police are usually crawling all over that area.
  3. ChevyFan

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    I'm not sure how a laser detector would work. How do you detect a beam of light energy?
  4. TrailLeadr

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    It would need to be a very specific IR signal so that it didn't get mixed in with IR from the spectrum of light from the sun, or various headlight colors.
    Which would allow the detectors to seek within a small area of the spectrum for that signal.

    How laser radar works.
  5. TA Dave

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    I still haven't found a scrambler that works! The advertisement looks good, but in real testing they do very little, if anything, to help you.

    Use a good detector (V1 or Escort) and pay attention while driving.
  6. sam5828

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    there is not 1 scrambler out there that works no matter what they say. that **** ya use to paint on the front of your car does not work either so don't buy that **** either
  7. omegafiler

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    I wouldn't buy anything from Rocky Mountain. They've been selling useless equipment for years. They used to have a Radar Jammer that didn't work either. There have been lots of tests with their stuff that failed right away.

    Active Radar Jammers (the only ones that would work against blocking Radar) are illegal because the FCC won't allow it. They can't really do anything about blocking a beam of light. However, they cops could find some law saying you were interfering with law enforcement or something crazy like that. Assuming they found out you had something like this.

    Normally they're hidden somewhere on your bumper or something. I've seen tests that show they do normally work though. They're also quite pricey. If you do use one, I'd use it to slow down when you get a warning, then turn it off right away. Otherwise they might get more suspicious if they can't get a lock on your vehicle.
  8. 62930-03

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    I posted on another thread that I had a Rocky Mountain scrambler back in the ealry 90's.

    It did work and the first thing a cop would do is pull me over and use another reason for doing so.
    More then once the first thing the cop did was look down into my windshield to see what I had, nothing was said to me about it but they were looking.
    Scramblers are not 100%, I did get a ticket once with it.

    Are they illegal I dont know about now but back when I had one they didn't say or do anything about me having one.
    It did have them mad that they couldn't give me speedinig ticket though. LOL

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