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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by MXZ1983, Jul 30, 2012.

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    So, I have my 02 Avalanche and we have our 2011 Malibu LTZ. My wife is due in the end of February! We are very excited for our first child.
    I haven't been here in a while, but knew this was the place to go for great Chev info.

    We are going to have another child after this one. We also have our black lab named Audi. Audi is a great family member to us. She is always with us on family trips and everywhere we go. The Avalanche will work when we have one child, but when we have the second and two child seats in the backseat, there won't be any room for her.

    We are pretty set on getting an 07 to 12 Tahoe. We would gain a 3rd row for Audi to ride in and still have some room for luggage behind the seat. We won't take Audi in the back of the truck because we travel up north by my parents, 6 hour rides, in the winter when its around 5 or 10 below zero.

    I'm looking for opinions on how you like the latest generation Tahoe. We don't want a suburban, that is too big. The Tahoe seems just right.
    I would do an Acadia or something of that nature, but I want a full frame vehicle with a V8 so I can pull the enclosed snowmobile trailer and feel comfortable. The Acadia/Traverse platform is all uni-body and my parents actually had one. They pulled that trailer with it and it was definitely not the greatest for it. It did not handle well with the trailer on the back, got pushed around with any sort of wind.

    And yes, I just bought the truck, but the wife got a great job now and we want to be ready for the kids and traveling. I don't really need the "box" of the truck that much, and will get a small utility trailer for what is needed.

    I am doing all of my research now, we are planning on purchasing next summer about this time.
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    My female cousins just bought, well they didn't just buy, bought 2010-2011 Tahoes and I haven't heard anything bad from them. They both got the super duper leather and all. I have driven one, granted it was for 8 miles, and it drives pretty good. Had some get up and go to it. Can't say much about them being wind catchers since I've never been in one in a strong wind.

    Yukon or Tahoe, same thing just one has a little better look IMO.

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