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Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by Conlan Rose, Sep 27, 2012.

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    You would have to clarify what you mean by "zero oil" in terms of how long you observed that pressure reading ( I assume that is what you are referring to, because if you drove it home with no oil pressure you definitely damaged something in the motor if there were really no pressure).

    In my first post I indicated I thought it was worth it to check your rear intake manifold seal. It will leak a lot of oil and yes, it ends up on your cross pipe. Mine did.

    I doubt, however, that a mere oil leak in a rear intake seal would affect the vacuum seal on the intake port gasket at one cylinder. Usually the rear seal leaks and the rest of the intake is torqued down fine and the seal on the intake ports is fine.

    10 degrees higher temperature is not much, but it does make me wonder why now? Could be you are just overcautious. If you want to sniff around for an issue, I suggest you start by putting your finger under the water pump and find the weep hole. If you find water at the weep hole, your inner seal is bad on the water pump and it has to be replaced. I had this problem on my 454. It will run a little hot, and use water if you are driving on a trip somewhere in hot weather. Check your water level in the overflow container. Mark the outside with some masking tape, then check weekly while you drive it around to see how much if any you are losing.
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    Your second video seems to give it more justice that it is missing. Really can't here much in the first. Start with the basics like your plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor if these things haven't been changed in a while and eliminate the normal maintenance items first. Also I can not see NOT having oil in it while it was sitting (not running) for any extended length of time is your problem. I have heard an engine tick a little or even more of a slight knock when its been sitting for more than a month or so but it usually goes away within a minute or so.
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    when driving home truck had proper oil level and pressure. I was talking about it sitting with no oil. I will mark my container just to see how much it uses. And for the intake seal wouldn't it leak and flow on top of the tranny and upper bell housing because the upper bell housing was very clean.

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    I will be checking the plugs today and yeah they are old plugs and wires.
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    I was thinking my battery was removed from the truck for almost 2 weeks could that hurt the computer? Also when it was connected I was shifting gears/4x2 into 4x4 and a lot of sensors and electronics were not connected. I know it needs the battery to store log data and codes, could it also effect how the truck runs. It is getting stronger as in acceleration and power are getting back to normal, but still sounds like crap. Sounds like a really beat up ford or dodge.
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    Wah the good plugs I want are sold out on amazon.
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    I have used the OEM AC plugs since I bought the truck new. Never a problem with them, they work great, through all my modifications to the motor.
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    Chevy dealer where you live should have them in stock or can get them in one or two days from a distribution center. I know some think you pay more through the dealer for parts, but honestly, I have bought a lot of parts from my dealer and they give me a big discount on all my parts since way back. If you buy regularly from them, they will reward you.

    No power to ECU via battery does not affect what the ECU does. There are some new cars/SUVs from Europe that require the dealer to reset something if you disconnect your battery or it dies (totally stupid, example is the upscale Land Rover SUV), but yours has no such issue.
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    Ok, thanks for the info, the truck is running fine just sounds like ****. I just hope it throws a code for easy diagnosis. plugs and wires will get replaced once storm is done.

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