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Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by Conlan Rose, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Pikey

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    Sorry that you are having such a hard time with it. If you lived in my area I would have no problem stopping by to help.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    I know any of you guys would.
  3. The Heater

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    Hello, sir. Please let me first apologize for not reading through all the posts in this thread. I have had to skim them due to a lack of time to read them all today.

    I completely empathize with you in your situation of oil leaking. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mike and I hate oil leaks. I know you said that you don't so much mind the leak but for where it is and what it is doing to your cross pipe. I have paid for some very spendy repairs of oil leaks on my 94 Chevy truck because I don't like anything leaking. My truck is 4 wheel drive as yours appears to be. I have a 454 engine, so that part is different than yours.

    I don't have the benefit of looking at your rig from underneath with it on a lift. This is really the best way to make an initial assessment. However, I would start this process with something much less invasive than taking apart your oil pan. And let me preface this by saying I have owned a lot of cars and have had oil leaks on all of them except maybe four cars (all were made by Nissan). So this advice is based on 38 years plus of car ownership.

    I start by cleaning off the engine, drive shafts, exhaust, frame and tie rod. Sometimes do this once and then again after the oil begins to leak again. Only then do I look for the leak or have a technician look for it. I prefer to use a mixture of hot water, trisodium phosphate (about two cups per two gallons of water), some dish soap or Simple Green, in a garden sprayer. Works the best to clean grease and washes off easily. My last leak was found by a technician and it was not easy to find. It turned out to be the rear intake manifold seal. Someplace I would never look. It leaked all the way down around the back side of the engine and went onto the cross pipe. We suspected a valve cover gasket first, since those do leak, but after further viewing, it turned out to be the rear intake manifold seal.

    I have had leaks elsewhere, but my point is that so far I have exactly one car that had oil leaking from ONLY the oil pan gasket area. Only one. It was a car I restored and I had to retorque the bolts on the oil pan. My truck is 18 years old, has the OEM oil pan gasket, and despite several oil leaks, none of them have come from the oil pan and the oil pan has been covered in oil more than once. I have had the valve covers leaking oil and replaced that seal twice so far. The rear manifold seal has also so far been replaced twice (they have to replace the entire gasket but the seal at the rear is a separate piece.

    I have also had oil leak onto this area that came from the transfer case seal, and had that replaced too.
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Sorry for taking so long to respond I worked long in to the night and got very far. Got slowed down by the cross over pipe but got it out of the way. When moving the front diff we broke a jack some how and spent an hour fixing it. Now every thing just needs to be replaced and the rear main seal removed. [MENTION=51599]The Heater[/MENTION] it was easy to tell it was the rear main seal you could see the oil leaking from it. I will post pics later because I'm not at my personal computer with all the pics. Will be finishing up today and tomorrow because I have school so only can work part of the day.
  5. Pikey

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    how di you end up getting the front driveshaft off?
  6. Conlan Rose

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    About half a can of wd-40 and marvel penetrating oil. And a lot of arm strength using a ratchet with a pole as a breaker bar.
  7. dsfloyd

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    Sorry that you have had this many problems. I am sure most of us have had repairs that at every corner something went wrong and all know the feeling of just wanting to set it on fire and put in an insurance claim (ok maybe thats just me:gasp:). I am glad you seem to have made some progress with it. heres to hoping for a quick reinstall.
  8. Conlan Rose

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    Well another setback was breaking the extension... And this all would've been done really fast if I had a proper lift or jack stands, air tools, and my friend helping the whole time.Also we misread part of the instructions and couldn't figure out why the front diff wouldn't move. We removed the wrong bolt so it wasn't swinging properly out of the way. Tonight if I can get him over again we're gonna move the front diff properly and get that oil pan out.

    BTW here are the pics.

    2012-10-08_11-35-42_711.jpg 2012-10-08_11-36-13_802.jpg 2012-10-08_11-35-56_611.jpg
    Front drive shaft. The one side is really tight and doesn't wanna move.

    2012-10-08_12-32-01_59.jpg 2012-10-08_12-31-37_467.jpg 2012-10-08_12-32-08_780.jpg
    With the drive shaft removed so much more room.

    2012-10-08_12-32-18_835.jpg 2012-10-08_12-32-54_928.jpg
    Trying to get the exhaust crossover off. We only needed on side off to make it work, then we pulled the pipe back enough for the torque converter cover to come off.

    2012-10-08_21-18-24_312.jpg 2012-10-08_21-18-36_178.jpg
    With the cover off. Now just need the oil pan off and move the tranny to get the rear main then its time for reassembly.

    2012-10-08_22-15-07_333.jpg 2012-10-08_22-35-35_790.jpg
    Rolled the truck inside, its just alittle tight.

    - - - Updated - - -

    At one point I was like:"We should just roll the truck down the hill into the sound....., but that wouldn't work because my steering isn't aligned and the truck would just drift to the right in to a house."

    Hopefully all will go according to plan from now on, but won't have a truck most of the week.

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  9. Conlan Rose

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    So how do you get the transmission to not move when removing the flywheel to converter bolts.
  10. Pikey

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    I always put the trans in park then put it in neutral to rotate it around.

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