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    Well im out of the marine corps now everyone and im working in the oilfield in south texas down by San Antonio, im pretty sure i blew my head gasket on my burb.. one minute she was fine the next i got a river of water coming from the back side of my head so imma put her in a shop in san antonio and have her fixed up. any body got any suggestions on a place in san antonio with good prices?
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    Just from experience sake you might want to check the intake seal between that and the back of the engine block. It blew out on my wife's 1999 Chevy Suburban and was told it was a common problem on those Small-block Chevies, the day I had it towed to my local shop the shop manager showed me a similar generation C/K pick-up with the same issue. The repair cost me $900.00
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    Holy crap $900, it only cost me $450 to have ALL upper gaskets done when my intake gasket went on my suburban
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    Cost estimation

    I may have over-estimated the cost of the job. I'll pull the Work Order and check it again, it was over three years. The truck only has around 150,000 miles so it still has a long way to go, and I ain't in any hurry to get rid of it. I'll get rid of my Silverado first. I have had my eye on a Chevy crate engine to put into the Sub one day. Specs claim 380 hp / 405 lb ft of torque on pump gas. Perfect for moving an almost 7000 lb truck.
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