Leaky Oring on new AC reciever/dryer to evaporator

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  1. dslemaire

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    Recently I opened my AC system on my 97 Suburban to replace the hoses with the high and low pressure valves and the condenser. So I also replaced the receiver/dryer with a new one from NAPA. The new one came with Orings, but when I put them on they seemed to be too small on the side going to the evaporator. So I pulled it off and put on a little thicker Oring I got from an Autozone kit. It seemed to hold, for a while. But then after about 2 weeks it started to leak again.

    I tightened it more, but I still have some dye leaking out when it shuts down. Running it doesn't seem to leak. But being low pressure side, when I shut down it starts to leak a little.

    I did have a pinhole leak in one of the rear lines, and put in some "super seal" which actually worked on the pinhole leak without replacing the rear line. I don't know if it will help on my oring leak on the dryer though?

    I'm thinking of returning the dryer to NAPA and getting a different one and take a good look at the orings. It just seems bizarre that they are too skinny. When I removed the fitting going to the evaporator it was difficult and I was concerned about the threads. But I am able to get it tight, so I would think my real issue is still the oring.

    Any suggestions, other than hoping super seal will plug it! ??


  2. bazar01

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    Can you take a picture of the leaky fittings and post it here? Did you wet the o-rings with refrigerant oil before you assmbled the fittings?

    I will not use any sealant or super seal to stop leaks on my system. It can cause compressors to lock up.
  3. dslemaire

    dslemaire New Member

    I did wet the orings with the pag oil before install. But it almost seemed like they weren't the right size. I though it should have been tighter when I put it in.

    The leaky fitting is the one from the dryer to the evaporator at the firewall. I can just barely see a very slow drip begin after shutting off the AC for a few minutes.
  4. dslemaire

    dslemaire New Member

    Photos of leak on receiver/dryer

    I've attached a photo of the leak, looking at the bottom of the fitting with a mirror. You can see the drip. With a sniffer I pick up the leak in one spot near the top of the fitting. So even though it's small it's still leaking slowly.

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  5. bazar01

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    The o-ring fittings are designed so the o-ring sits on the tube end with a shoulder stop. Then the o-ringed tube is inserted into the hole on the male end fitting. As long as the o-ring fits in the hole, the fitting nut should seat the o-ring when tightened. Are you sure the fitting nut is bottomed out? Use two open end wrenches, one to hold the hex on the receiver end and the other one to turn the fitting nut and squeeze the two wrenches together with one hand. You might be able to tighten it some more.

    Do you have the same fitting end as the one below (disregard the charging valve)? The green thingy is the o-ring.

    O-ring fitting.jpg
  6. bazar01

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    I re-read your post #1 and realized that the drier is not the original one. It was a NAPA drier. I was thinking maybe this is a case of a mismatched fitting. Maybe, the factory fitting tube end where the o-ring sits is a little too long for the NAPA drier, thus not allowing the fitting nut to seat the o-ring between the male and female fittings. Look at the original drier fitting and if see you can measure the ID and depth of the hole. If you can go to NAPA, ask them if they have another drier and compare the measurement. That's the only way, sorry.

    That is why, sometimes, I just bite the bullet and go to the dealer to make sure the parts fit perfectly with the factory lines.
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  7. dslemaire

    dslemaire New Member

    Unfortunately the old dryer was disposed of. But I was thinking of getting another one from a different manufacture. I'm afraid to go any tighter and risk damaging the line from the evaporator. Usually napa has been pretty good with replacement parts. At least compared to other aftermarket stores.

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