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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by AMac, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. AMac

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    Received/installed my new LED interior dome lights thought I'd share some pics and quick tips.

    LED Bulbs Used: Size 212-2, 2 Front/2 Rear, 6-SMD 5050 type 1.72" 42mm Festoon LED bulbs, Xenon-White

    Install Time: 15 min (including gathering tools)

    Cost of Project: $30

    1st image shows the difference between LED and incandescent, although in person the LED is whiter than how it appears in the picture.
    To take the lens cover off take a flat head screw driver and gently pry on the side closest to the windshield. My screwdriver was sharp so I wrapped the tip in some electrical tape to minimize damage to the lens cover and plastic.


    The second image is of the rear dome light assembly. Note that if you are looking toward the backseat you will want to gently pry against the left side. Each LED is polar sensitive so if it does not light up simply switch the bulb around. When I inserted the first LED the light seemed weak and was flashing. If this happens simply remove the LED and squeeze the front/rear metal bulb holders to ensure the LED has a good connection then try the LED again.


    Also shout out to @Drake_Korthos for his helpful tips and pictures that gave me the idea to do mine.

  2. AMac

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    Here is a shot at night. They are bright and very white. Again, picture does not do the new LEDs justice.
  3. jake's silverado

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    nice! real nice lookin leds! I'm jealous!
  4. Untouchable

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    x2 on the nice and jealous! Last time I looked into doing this, it looked like it was going to cost $100 or more...so sounds like you got a bargin.
  5. AMac

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    I get all my LEDs form IJDMTOY.COM have been using them for a couple years now and no issues. Always google for a coupon code prior to checkout though.
  6. Red Z71 Max

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    Looks like a nice upgrade for $30
  7. moogvo

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    Great job! Looks good!
  8. AMac

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    well whatever keeps the packages coming in the mail...you know I have a bad habit of shopping too much LOL. And thank you!
  9. blacknight97

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    i just ordered some similar to these on superbrightleds.com, the bulbs were around $5 each for anyone interested.:great:

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