LED Dome lights

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    LED Dome lights


    • 3 LEDs your choice in color
    • Resistor 47ohms is what I used
    • 1/4in plastic tubing
    • Soldering iron
    • Solder


    • Remove old dome bulb
    • Cut plastic tube to size of old bulb (picture below)
    • Drill three holes in a row in the tube (see picture)
    • Cut a slice down the back side of the tube. 180 degrees from the hole your just drilled
    • Now insert the LEDs into the holed from the top of the tube, make sure the LEDs are all going the same directing. LEDs are polarized current only flows one way. You do this from the outside to make sure you spacing is correct for when you into the LEDs into the tube(see picture below)
    • Fold over the (-) from one LED to the (+) of the LED next to it, do this twice so all the LEDs are connected.
    • Solder the leads of the LEDS and cut off the excess leads. (see picture)
    • You now need to solder the resistor onto the outside (-) LED. Try to get the resistor as close to the LED as you can, space is limited.(see picture)
    • Removed the LEDs you just solder, and pry the tube open and insert the LEDS into the inside of the tube and into the holes. (sorry forgot to take this picture)
    • Now all you need to do it wrap the wire of the (+) LED around the tube, and the wire of the resistor around the other part of the tube.
    • You are now done! Insert the new LED bulb into the dome light.

    If it does not work simple flip the bulb around again LEDs are polarized and current only goes one way. I would give prices of the LEDs and resistors but I already owned them. The plastic tubing I picked up at the hardware store for like $0.50 a foot.
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Soon to come: LED under dash light and LED light in the mirrors that work at running light and turn signals.

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  2. gatormike69

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    Thanks, looks like a fairly easy work up.:great:
  3. Jaele

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    Pretty easy and cheap, you can get LEDs for like 10-20 cents and resistors are like 10 cents each depending on where you get them. Best part is you can use any color you want without is costing you an arm and a leg. Just make sure you use a high enough resistor for your LED or you will burn through them pretty quick.
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    what size led and wattage

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