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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by groceryman, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. groceryman

    groceryman New Member

    Just got some led drl light bulbs will try to install and get yall some pics up asap
  2. groceryman

    groceryman New Member

    leds.jpg New ledc drls installed
  3. aloxdaddy99

    aloxdaddy99 New Member

    Looks nice. There are a few of us in the Raleigh/Durham area going out for a beer on Monday at 7 if you are interested.
  4. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh New Member

    Where did you get those at and do they come in other colors?
  5. groceryman

    groceryman New Member

    Thanks for the invite but im about 2hrs from there and i have to be at work every morning at 4;30 am. I got them off ebay i think they have amber white and blue The seller was leddaytimerunningbulb
  6. AMac

    AMac New Member

    Looks good, I've been trying to hold off on putting in LEDs in he headlights cause I'll most likely put in aftermarket headlights. What are the specs on the bulbs you got? They do look nice and bright, not too blue either.

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