Led light and load resister?

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by freddie, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. freddie

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    I recently installed some leds in my tail lights and back up lights to replace the old style bulbs in my 03 Avalanche. Someone told me that I may need a load resister to stop the hyper flash as he called it. I didnt know anything about the hyper flash problem or a load resister until now. If anyone knows.... what load resister do I need a 6 ohm 50 watt or something else? Also do I need one for all 6 of my tail lights (brake lights, turn signal and back up lights included in that count)? Or do I just need one for turn signal bulbs? I saw someone else on here had a cruise control problem with their leds but i didnt really understand their solution. I havent tried my cruise yet and I definatly dont want to start blowing fuses or messing anything up. Thanks for your help.
    All I installed was new led bulbs not a led tail light assembly

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    I also found a flasher module. Not sure if this would be a beter fix or if I could even use it in my truck.
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Radio Shack has a kit for this..
  3. Boonduff

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    Replace the turn signal flasher with one made for LEDs.
  4. moogvo

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    Just make sure to replace ALL of your turn signal bulbs with LEDs or you will burn the flasher out.

    Most of the LED replacement bulb modules already have a resistor built in to them. Make sure you have "hyper flash" before adding in resistors or changing flashers. the reason you get "hyper flash" is that the LED appears to be an open circuit to the flasher, so it thinks you have a burned out bulb which is why you get rapid flashing... It is an alert to tell you that there is a bulb out.
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  5. freddie

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    I have currently only replaced all the rear bulbs with leds. I am pretty sure its hyper flash because my blinker is noticeably fast. I just dont know whats the best option. If i replace the module before i replace the front bulbs will it hurt anything? Also what size resistor would i need if i go that route?
  6. moogvo

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    Yes. You will fry it in short order. An LED flasher is not made to take the load of an incandescent bulb.

    You would want to use a 10 ohm 10 watt resister per bulb. You can get them at a store that rhymes with "Radio Snack".
  7. freddie

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    Is that resistor enough? I know a buddy that has 50watt 6 ohm on his from turn leds. I just want to make sure I am getting the right stuff. I dont want to have to replace anything later you know. I am not as knowledgeable on electrical stuff as I would light to be but I can make stuff work even if it doesnt look pretty.
  8. moogvo

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    A 50 watt is not going to hurt anything. It is WAY overkill... I would stick with 10 ohms tho.
  9. freddie

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    So just so I understand. I need one for both turn signals but do I need one for both brake lights as well? As you know we dont have a brake light or back up light indicator. Would I be ok with out resistors on those lights? This is quickly becoming to much work just to have something that I think looks good as much as everything else I try to do. lol
  10. moogvo

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    The only ones you need resistors for is the ones that flash. If the brake light is also a turn signal, then you will beed a resistor on that too. If it isn't, then you are good. each bulb that flashes needs to get it's own resistor.

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