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    Am wondering about installing some LED bulbs in my 2013 Avalanche.. Can I simply replace stock bulbs (brake/turn/tail etc..) without any modification? I'm not real familiar with the electronics systems of these new vehicles but I do hear that they're very sensitive. Am wondering about voiding my factory warranty by installing non-factory electrical equipment (?)

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    becareful of the cheaper bulbs and keep an eye on your dash lights Some LED's have a resistance that the GM's do not like and you will see your ABS and other lights go on in your dash..

    If you do want a great looking tail light check this out from IPCW DSCF9038.jpg DSCF9039.jpg IMG_1523.jpg
  4. That looks great!
  5. Camaro69car

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    if your planning to use stock taillights but LED bulbs, you will need to wire up resistors to the turn signal bulbs. (had to do this with my dads 04 Avalanche) we wired up led bulbs into the sail panels for brake/turn signals.

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