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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by reggiecab2000, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Based on the direction GM seems to be going in, I believe that the 07+ trucks are soldered in. I think I also read at one point on the Osram (company that makes sylvania lights) that they had a deal with GM for LEDs for that corporate green-blue they have been using since ~2006 on cars and 07 on trucks. That would suggest that they are soldered in. Don't quote me on that though.

    To reggiecab2000 - the climate controls are soldered in and will require LED's with resistors, unless you can find a preassembled LED assembly that would have a base, resistor, etc. all ready to solder in. (you might try superbrightleds.com for that, but I'm not entirely sure). The headlights switch is a PITA just because its all aluminum contacts and the solder wont stick to it. If you look through my thread, I mentioned how to do the headlight switch in order to get it to work but I didn't take any pictures.

    Let me know if you do decide to do the rest of your lights, and I will pull the headlight switch and take pictures. Also, I could look through my pictures and pull the climate controls if my pictures dont show, so that you could save some time by having all the LED polarities correct. I would also add that information to my existing thread for anyone else to use. The only switches I'm not familiar with are the window/door lock/mirror switches because I don't have them. They shouldn't be any harder than the climate controls though.
  2. reggiecab2000

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    alright i started the climate control today but.... i forgot to take before pictures!!! :(
    whenever i finish them i will post pictures!
    I have a question open to anyone's input though... with the ac temperature (red to blue), would putting blue LEDs behind all of the climate control make that blue to red contrast look weird?
  3. pmf608

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    If you want the red to look right, I would suggest maybe hot gluing a red LED behind that area and running wires for it to a power point from one of the other lights. On mine, I just did them all blue and the blue LEDs don't really make it look weird, they just don't really light it up at all. The blue LEDs only put out blue light and the red filter filters out all the blue, so it is very hard to see the red at night.

    Good luck with the climate controls.
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    Went from white incandescent bulbs, to red LED's and then on to white LED's. 1987 Suburban that takes 194 type bulbs. Has a bluish tinge due to the back plastic diffuser being light blue. Need to paint this white or silver to make it look really white. Still much brighter than stock bulbs. I can read the dash instruments now. Used 6 LED 194 elements from superbrightleds.com.
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    Hey did you ever figure the climate control bulbs out?? My bulb went out on one of mine so I need to replace it anyways. Do they have a red bulb and a blue bulb in there stock??
  6. pmf608

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    stock are soldered in incandescent bulbs, so they just use white bulbs to light up any color. If you use a different color of LEDs, that is when you have to worry about red and blue. If you just want to replace a stock bulb, im sure you can buy them somewhere then you just have to solder it in
  7. PantheraUncia

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    I found this thread and would love some updates, I want to re-light my ac control panel with LED's and my door lock and power window buttons.
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    I believe [MENTION=50750]zigger215[/MENTION] has done some of that ... in addition to steering wheel lighting changes, and such. I also believe it involves custom wiring and soldering...
  9. pmf608

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    I did the climate controls in my 2001 Silverado. All it really involved was desoldering the factory bulbs, and soldering in an LED with a resistor in each place. I used blue 5mm LEDs. The one thing I would do differently though is to add a couple of wires to whichever bulb is most convenient, and add a single red led behind the warm side of the temperature control because the blue LEDs get filtered out by the red tint and don't light that side of the temperature control. I had given a bit of a guide in my how-to on LED swaps in the 99-02 trucks. Page 3 covers the climate controls:

    As far as the window controls go, I haven't personally done them because my truck didn't have power windows, etc. but they're basically the same as the climate controls. You just need to solder LEDs and resistors in.

    The headlight switch is a bit tricky because the circuit board is aluminum instead of copper so soldering the LED on doesn't work very well, but I believe you might be able to track down an LED assembly that is made to fit it online (possibly somewhere such as superbrightleds.com). Page 4 of the thread I linked to above talks about that a bit.
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    Just ordered 2 lights from superbrightleds.com. One was like the LEDs I have for my map lights and the other is a x6 LED bulb. Ordered 2 to compare brightness and whichever one I like (which ever one is dimmer as I can't really see that well at night) I'll order more in cool white. $5 for both of the bulbs.

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