leer topper Fit?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Chris Platte, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I found a leer topper for sale and was wondering if any one knows what years they fit the guy says it fits 2004- 2011 I have a 04 and he has it on the new new body style.


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    Below are the Bed Dimensions for a 2004" and a 2011" Silverado Ext Cabs.....Both with 78.7in" Bed Length,

    Cargo Area Dimensions Cargo Volume (ft³) 60.7

    Tailgate Width (in) 61.5

    Cargo Box Width @ Top, Rear (in) 61.5

    Ext'd Cab Cargo Volume (ft³) - TBD -

    Cargo Box Length @ Floor(in) 78.7

    Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in) 50.6

    Cargo Box (Area) Height (in) 21.0

    Cargo Box Width @ Floor (in) 62.4

    Cargo Area Dimensions
    argo Area Dimensions Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in) 50.0

    Cargo Box Width @ Floor (in) 64.8

    Cargo Box Length @ Floor(in) 78.7

    Tailgate Width (in) 63.8

    Cargo Volume (ft³) 56.9

    Cargo Box (Area) Height (in) 19.5

    Ext'd Cab Cargo Volume (ft³) NA

    Cargo Box Width @ Top, Rear (in) 63.8

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