Lessons Learned from DIY Audio Install

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by BornAgainBiker55, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Make no concessions, go big or go home!! Just kidding, surreal is has a good point there, unless you have no life (me) and you're ok with ripping apart your system once a month (me) to add something, plan your install (not me).

    You'll enjoy the focals, do what enks said though and adjust them crossovers.

    Surreal, the C5 components are a steal for the money!!
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    [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION]. any chance we can see a pic of this stealth sub? I am curious of what it looks like
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    Zigger's provided some pics, below. I had the entire interior ripped out for sound deadening when I did my install late last year ... and failed to photodocument. I'd have to rip out the center console to take pics of my actual install. However, to give you some idea:

    Here's the unit: http://www.jlaudio.com/car-audio-st...hevrolet-gmc-full-size-suv-03-06-trucks-03-07

    Here's the (very detailed, with pics) instruction guide that may show you what you want to see: http://mediacdn.shopatron.com/media/mfg/9013/media_document/live_1/SB_GM_BURBCNSL_MAN.pdf?1305783853

    This installation places a sealed 10" sub (10W3v3) under the center console of a 2003-2006 (and 2007 classic) Silverado/Sierra which has front bucket seats and a full center console. To do it, one must remove the ducting to the rear vents in the center console, remove the vent door arm and seal the vent door that feeds the removed ducting, mill out some of the plastic structure of the center console, and drill two holes in the floor of the vehicle through which the sub will be bolted into place.

    It's a time-consuming installation ... but the result is a sub that sounds good, is completely hidden, and you get to keep the space under the rear seats for use in other ways. (This was key to why I went this route, as I have a du-ha storage bin under my rear seat and the rear seat's scissor hinge has been drilled to allow me to lock it -- which results in invisible, lockable, under-seat long gun storage in a space that is classified as a trunk in 48 states despite being within the cab!)
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    Man, that hide-a-box is neat! Too bad there's no center console like that in the NBS. I suppose you could try and cram it into the box under the 20% Center 'seat' up front, but that's crammed full of towing stuff right now.

    I'm still fiddling with the crossover settings on both the deck and the amp to find the best sound... and I'm still working on pictures, i promise
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    We're waiting....... :gasp: Jl Audio makes other Boxes for the GM Trucks. On my old 02 Avalanche I had both the Center consol and the Midgate box with a single JL 500/1 powering them. NOT at the same time I put in a switch to go between the 2 boxes depending to what I wanted for the movies or music playing at the time.. oldtruckpicscreens.jpg oldtruckampindoor.jpg oldtruckpiccenterch.jpg
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    40th Ave 4-24-12 Visit 018.jpg 40th Ave 4-24-12 Visit 013.jpg 40th Ave 4-24-12 Visit 014.jpg 40th Ave 4-24-12 Visit 015.jpg
    That too far too long, sorry guys.
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