Lets see everyones ANIMALS...... DOGS, CATS...ect..

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  1. Jimmeh

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    So it's ok for people to post asking for thoughts and prayers over a loved one fighting a tough battle, or for there to be a complete thread on peoples favorite blogs, but it's not ok to have a thread or posts about peoples pets? Or hey, how about the shingle game, or the current song you're listening to thread? We could go ahead and do away with those since they aren't truck related.....

    Seriously? Obviously people like showing off their trucks, so why not their pets, and allow others to see what they have or do with their dogs/cats/horses/iguanas and maybe draw a little inspiration to another pet owner to take their dogs/cats/horses/iguanas out and toss the ball/catnip/saddle/whatever the hell iguanas do around. Who cares if it's a "truck forum". Why is their a hunting and fishing or outdoor section on this forum if it's only a truck forum? Should the forum name be changed to "GMTC ONLY FOR TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND NOT THE CHANCE TO MAKE A COUPLE OF FRIENDS" (or GMTCOFTIANTCTMACOF). If that were the case, I think Steve would have to find a larger vinyl printer just to make the stickers! Or use really small font, and how do we get more members if they can't even read it from a short distance?

    I'd really like to end that whole rant by back tracking to my original thought, but I lost it in all the frustration, and I think my space bar has about had it with my madness, so why don't you guys who "don't get it" just "don't get it" elsewhere ;)

    Wow, that dog looks almost identical to my male heeler! Flint is just a little more "round" haha

    And so this post just isn't about pets or my long winded possibly incoherent rant, here's a long distance shot that will include some of my truck:

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  2. jlowe165

    jlowe165 New Member

    490.jpg Harley and Sadie, Harley is a rescue Yellow Lab and German Sheppard Mix and Sadie is a Cocker Spaniel.
  3. carmantx

    carmantx Rockstar

    Here is our new turbo. Zoe Turbo is a Yorkie. Less than 2 lbs and is 4 months old. Our first "inside" dog we have ever had. I have three others, Harley, a black lab, Sadie (a black lab mix) and Ella Bean (who knows what she is). We live on 10 acres, so our big dogs get to cover a bunch of ground.

    Funny that the post above has a harley and sadie too.

  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    [​IMG]Skittles and I...... skittlesand I.jpg
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  5. Cheez

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    Found another of Sadie. And this time it's not a silly iPhone picture.
  6. bigbasschevy

    bigbasschevy New Member

    this is my little buddy mowgli. he adopted me about 3 years ago and acts more like a dog than my yellow lab back in waco.

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  7. Dirty Dog

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    Mowgli ,,, and Waco ,,, There are some classic Names gotta love it.... I bet they have the Character to go with the names <<<<<:money:
  8. bigbasschevy

    bigbasschevy New Member

    mowgli does for sure! if it's his time to wake up, guess what?! he slaps me in the face (gently....sometimes).it depends if he is hungry or not, which he usually is

    bla 047 (1280x765).jpg
  9. ahmitchell1

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    Nala my German shepherd Aussie with st on my face to wake me up to let her out. She also likes to punch
  10. The Heater

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    Sorry to say I don't have any dogs right now. I have had three Dalmatians, and we lost the last one last year. But there will be more (Dalmatians, of course).

    Can't believe someone slammed this thread in this forum. Illogical.

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