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  1. Reprobate

    Reprobate New Member

    I've been contemplating lowering the 2003 Tahoe 2wd and have come across numerous ways to do so. A 2" front and 3" rear would be ideal. I've seen everything from torsion keys to spindles to lowering springs. Help!

    Can someone help an SUV suspension newbie? I've lowered many vehicles but most involved nothing more than springs, struts/shocks, and sway bars.

    Will someone please explain the difference with respect to the above?

    It looks like the McGaughy's 2"/3" could be a winner. (?) Or could I order rear Eibach's (2" or 3") and level out the factory rake? What else is needed?

    As usual price is important but cheap is not an option. Thanks for all of your help! :)
  2. Reprobate

    Reprobate New Member

    Because I've used DJM Suspension pieces in the past the following is what I'm looking at. Any thoughts?

    It's the 2" torsion bar keys and 3" rear coil spring kit.

    Any argument between spindles and torsion bar keys?

    Very respectfully,

  3. pesttech

    pesttech New Member

    I guess it mainly comes down to what kind of ride you want and how low you want it to sit. I ordered and have installed the DJM kit but since I'm totally anal about not having any rubbing issues I only did the coils and shock extenders out back and didn't install the keys up front and only had them crank the torsion bar to level it out. Seems that with the Nivomats in back on a 4X4 it sat a little higher to begin with so now I have about 4" of fenderwell showing all around.

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