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    I just put a daystar front leveling kit on my truck and am also shopping around for a cap. My question is if i put a cap on the bed will the excess weight pull the rear of the truck closer to the ground and shoot my headlights up in the air? I dont think there will be a big issue i was just looking for some input. Thanks
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    What do you have for a truck? Go on lears web site and pick out a cap and get the weight, put that amount in your bed and see what happens. Most trucks shouldn't sag from just a cap, if it does add a leaf or airbags maybe.

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    ........Around 5/6 years back, I had a Snug Top Cap/Shell on my Silverado, before going with a Snug Top Tonneau Cover, I have also installed a 2in" Rear Shackle Drop, and when the Cap/Shell was put on........the Back/Bed of the Truck barely move(Down).....IIRC they(Snug Top) expressed to me the Weight of the Cap/Shell was around 250lbs??........and as you can see, my Silverado is a Short Bed, Fleetside.
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    I had zero issues with sagging after installing my topper with a pro comp 2" leveling kit. A basic fiberglass topper (no cab side slider, regular side windows, etc.) will weigh close to 200 pounds, which our trucks handle with ease. I even had my truck loaded to the brim with everything 3 people and a baby would need on a recent road trip and the truck still sat fairly "level" (though the front of the truck has been lowered down a 1/2" before then)
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    Shouldn't make a differnece unless you get one o dem der campers

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