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Leveling kit + rear block or 4 inch lift ? also tire ?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by cain73, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. cain73

    cain73 Rockstar

    Let me apologize in advance, I know a lot of people get tired of these types of threads, but I've read and researched many and still have questions. I have a 2010 Z71 crew cab. I've finally worn my tires to a point where I can get rid of them without feeling like I'm throwing away money, and I have a bonus check coming.
    I know with a leveling kit you can fit 33" tires, but I need to clarify that. I know just under an inch size eg. 32.8 is usually called 33" and there are a few different size that exceed 33" eg. 33.2, 33.6, and 33.7. knowing that which is the largest I can fit (width and diameter) with stock rims under the level kit/block combo with 1/2" spacers, and the largest under the 4" lift - both with stock rims ?

    I like the Nitto trail grapplers 275/70/18 (33.62 diameter) will they fit level kit? I assume they will fit 4" lift

    I also like the BFG's 305/65/18 (12.2 wide 33.7 Diameter) will these fit with level kit ? I assume these will fit also with 4" lift

    I'm not opposed to some trimming, but want it within reason. Can I fit the 305/65/18's with a level kit with some trimming ?

    I don't do a ton of offroading, but I do some as well as some towing. any downfalls to either set up ?

    I know this is very specific, I'm hoping someone has experience with tires like these with these setups to let me know if they will in fact fit (other than theory). I appreciate any help.
  2. Greatwhitej

    Greatwhitej New Member

    A 275/70/18 will fit onr your truck with a level. You may have to do some trimming of plastic, but nothing major; you may not have to do anything trimming whatsoever. With the 305/65/18 being almost 1.5 wider than the previous tire, you may have certain rubbing(especially if youre not on stock wheels and/or have spacers), but depending on which level you go with. If you were going to the bigger tire then i would go with a higher level such as ~2.5. If money isnt a problem for you then i would definitely go with the 4" . They're advertised as a four inch lift, but from what ive seen most get ~5 from the kit and it looks perfect to me.
  3. cain73

    cain73 Rockstar

    Another component to the question........ I know with rims with a different offset can make it possible to better fit tires.. so if I went with the level kit and rear block with aftermarket rims how much difference (if any) can that make in the tires that will fit ?
  4. Greatwhitej

    Greatwhitej New Member

    Stock backspacing works very well with fitting larger tires. IF you were going to get after market wheels, then a positive offset would be best. The more negative offset you go, the more the tires stick out and have a greater chance of rubbing. Stock backspacing for these trucks are 6" with +31 offset.
    Also here's a backspacing chart to help you out. It's helped me out quite a bit.
    Just look at your wheel width and the offset and it gives you the back spacing.

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