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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at leveling my 2007 Avalanche. I'm looking at going up in the front 2.5" and keeping the stock ride height in the back. I like the look of a leveled truck, and a friend mentioned the benefits of having a more even weight distribution over all four wheels. However, a retailer told me I need a slight rake to take weight off of the rear suspension! Is he right?? I'm confused. Now it doesn't have to be perfectly level, I would be satisfied if it was within less than an inch. Now my truck has 80,000 miles, and I would like to replace/upgrade the shocks and/or struts as well, so a kit that focuses on replacing those rather than spacers or whatever would be preferable. I have been looking at the Rancho Quicklift Loaded up front with 9000XL shocks in the back. I've also looked at Truxx adj leveling kit that seems to be nice. I would like to hear my options, pro's and con's, price etc. Also if i could get packages that include shocks and struts that would be cool. I have a buddy that has a shop to do it at, so difficulty of installation etc. isn't a problem. Let me know what you guys think I should go with.

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    Welcome to the Club!!! The Rancho Leveling kit is very well made. There are a ton of options out there. You may want to check Ebay also. There is alot of options available on there also.
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    Welcome! To answer your question regarding the rake, the factory does put a rake on the truck so that when you put weight into the bed or cargo area, the rear end will not sag causing the front to lift. Adding a leveling kit will cause it to do this when hauling heavy loads, but honestly how often does an Avalanche see heavy enough loads to cause excessive front end "lift"?

    Bilstein makes a leveling shock (believe it's the 5100 series) that supposedly will level the front out, but don't quote me on that. I myself have a Procomp leveling kit installed on my truck and have had 0 problems. Brought the front end up a total of 1" and 7/8's of an inch. I believe it was about $250 installed at my local tire shop.

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