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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by MWright936, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. MWright936

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    One of the mods I have planned for my truck is a front end leveling kit. From the searching I've done, I have found three different ones...ReadyLift, Pro Comp, and Daystar. They range in price from $230 (ReadyLift) to $130 (Daystar). What is the reason for such a wide range of prices? Is the quality really that different? Could the "cheaper" ones possibly break or wear out somehow? Has anybody had experience with these brands?
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    ive got the ready lift on my av. i also added daystar coil spring spacers for rear and 5100 bilstein shocks. as far as dif goes it all depends on what type of front end you have. meaning what type of truck you have 1500 or 2500. dif set up 1500 uses keys. which if you want to go really cheap you can get a set of ford f150 keys. one thing to remember is after you level it out you need to get front end aligned. also do you plan on installing them your self if not try to take to a shop that will not rip you off. i had mine done by a shop that i thought was alright but they over charged me $200 for 20 min of work. hers a link that would help you out alittle more .http://www.avowners.com/forum.idc?show=forum_posts&TID=870&PN=1
    GM IFS 101 & The "TRUTH" About Keys in Suspension MODs - Chevy Avalanche Owners Online

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  3. Pete95Sierra

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    they are different kinds of lifts. the ready lift is by rancho and it is basically shocks with a lift built in thats why it is so expensive. the other two are torsion keys like he said. both will give you the same lift and you just got new shocks so just get the procomp or daystar they are basically the same thing
  4. MWright936

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    I have a 2WD with coil spring front suspension. I just want the lift for looks because I plan on also getting a grille guard. I figured it would give it a tougher stance with the leveled look. The lifts that would go on my truck are just coil spring spacers...even with the ReadyLift. The only reason I see (upon further inspection) why the ReadyLift is more expensive is they say "Our signature Poly-urethane Fused Steel Process ensures that the 66-3025 coil spacer will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time, and is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle." It doesn't say it comes with shocks, just the coil spring spacers and shock spacers. I was just wondering if there is a big difference in quality between the three brands of spacers.

    If I decide to get one of these, I plan on doing it myself.
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    sorry the rancho ready lift is a srut not a shock. but a strut is basically a shock with a coilover. thats why they are expensive.

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