Levelling kit and Moto Metal wheels

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    Hi everyone. First time post.

    I've tried but cannot find any kind of fitment guide for Moto Metal wheels. Their website is not very helpful. I have a 2007 new body style 1500 and would like to run 285 or 295 tires in 17". Has anyone got any of their wheels in a 17" mounted on the newer style truck. I tried one shop and they say no way and another says they will fit. I do not want to order a set and find out when they get here that they won't work.

    Second question is on the Rough Country 3" lift without the replacement control arms. Has anyone tried this setup, and if so have you had any issues with alignment or bump steer? Not sure if it is worth the extra coin to get the control arms. I'm sure it is a better way to go but would it be neccesary for a truck that seldom sees the mud? Thanks a bunch in advance.
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    i was talking to guys from rough country and told me to go with the upgraded a arms and ball joints and as for wheels if you get the leveling kit tires/wheels rought country recommends going with a 285/75r17 so you will be fine just don't go to crazy on the back spacing and you may hace to trim a lil of the plastic inside the fenders

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