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    Thanks for the great comments guys!
    The brushguard and lights, wheels and tires, chrome accents, vent visors, and Line-x bed liner were all installed at the dealer and were on the truck when I bought it new (they called it the "Northwest Package"). I only added the chrome fuel door, bed extender, and HID light kit.

    Long beach, WA is the only beach I have been to in Washington that you can drive on and is considered a state hi-way so no ORV's are allowed. I have been to Sand Lake on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook where you can ride or drive ORV's on the beach.

    The weather was cloudy and in the upper 60's and not windy at all but we all managed to get a little color from playing in the sand and wading in the water. We did pay an annual visit to Jake-The Alligator Man at Marsh's free museum.
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    Looks Awesome!:great: Minus 1 thing.....i can take my top off with mine in the sand and not get in trouble when things get wet....:lol:
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    I do have an 87 K5 Blazer for topless beaches when the occasion arises:rofl:
    Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
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    My wife can take her top off on the beach...then the truck becomes invisible. I can still see it but everybody else says "what truck?" I am glad you got a calm day over there...there's a reason they have the kite festival in Long Beach LOL. Kerry.

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