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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by TXFireman87, Oct 12, 2011.

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    ive got an 03 z-71 5.3 1500 stock susp. i noticed that my front end was sitin on the bump stop. no big deal the trucks got 165,000+ miles on time for new shocks. so im lookin around to lift it and up grade the shocks. ive got 3in lift blocks from a buddys 05 chevy. we were talking about possibility's for the front end this is my newist truck ive had an 89 and a 96 chevys 2wd so the new trucks are new to me. my buddy said u can adjust the torsion bars and get 2/12 ins of lift out of the front end. is this true and would this but any more stress on the front end?
    ive foun leveling kits and a key lift kit for the torsion bars and can u use a leveling kit with it? im lookin for a 2 to 3 in lift all around perfectly level. and what type of shocks im gonna put new ones all the way around. orileys has stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 im lookin at the stage 2s to give it a better ride and maybe even some wheel spacers any words of wisdome or feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks guys
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    Welcome to the club. If your truck is sitting on the bumps stops then either someone adjusted the torson bars down or the torson bars are worn out. I'd check and see how many threads are left on the torson bars adjuster bolt. If theres not to many threads left then the torson bars are shot.
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    x2 i would do some checking first but the 3 inch lift sounds good and wheel spacers make sure you don't get them too spaced or it will put extra stress.

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