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  1. Alright, hopefully I can get to the bottom of all these questions. First off, I got a 1999 1500 EXT Cab Z71 and my on-road to off-road driving is about 75% (on-road) to 25% (off-road) but I love the ability to just go whenever I want. So knowing that my questions are in regards to tires, and lift components.

    I've got aftermarket 16" rims and I want to do a 6" Rough Country NTD Drop lift kit. It basically says that you MUST have 17" with 4.5" backspacing to run the kit. Couldn't I get away with just adding 2" wheel spacers to get around this? Does anyone know if the knuckles would contact the rim with a 16" rim? Right now I'm unsure of my backspacking, but I noticed that my tires (most noticeable on the back) stick out a 1/4" to 1/2" beyond the body and with the stock rims and tires it was flush (if not recessed).

    I'm currently looking at the Nitto Terra Grappler (315/75R-16) [35x12.4R-16] but I am looking for that distinct "hum' you get from the tires on the road. Does anyone know anything about these? What are the best tires for the part-time off-roader that I am with the best value? I also like the look of these and of the Dune Grappler.

    Rough Country offers kicker braces and I looked at these. Are these recommended for part-time off-roading? Same question with the HD Tie Rod sleeve they offer.

    Please keep in mind that I am not made of money thats why I am looking to get around a few things. Any input would be of great help to me. Thanks!
  2. I just remembered my other question. Should I also look into new gears and if so, what should I run? The truck currently is fully stock (drive train wise) and I've heard of people doing this to try to maintain fuel economy. If running 35's and (if I can still run them) 16" rims is this something I should look into? I want to do CAI, exhaust, and intake mod chip (something I found online that says it adds to MPG) also looking at E3 plugs to help out anyway they can. I've also heard that a tonneau cover will help, so I'm going to get one of those too, but I am looking to maintain some fuel economy where I can.
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    U might be fine with a spacer I knows I need one for my 08 since I got oversized spindles with my lift. Kicker brace and hd tie rods are not need but it's something u can add down the road or get it all now to be on the safe side. Terra grapplers are a at so they will not perform the best in mud and u prob won't get the hum sound u want also the dune are made for soft sand. I'm running Goodyear duratracs on mine and love them for on road offload plus I still get a slight hum. Mickey Thompson mtz, dick cepek mud country, nitto trail grappler and Toyo mtz all tire perform well offload while giving u lots of life on highway. It all depends what gears u got stock. I got 3.73 in mine now for over a year on 35 and it's ok for power wise but I will be going to a 4.56 hopefully the summer so I can get better performance out of the truck. I would recommends doing 4.56 in yours since it would kill your mpg on highway and still give u good power to turn those big tires in the mud of soft sand
  4. Thanks for the input. Do you know anything about a brand of tires called Hercules? I found 35" Hercules Trail Digger MTs for about $250 less than the Nitto's. I read reviews of them online, and the only thing I heard about them was some reports of weak sidewalls when rock climbing (which I don't plan on doing) so my offroading will be more mud trails than anything. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and do the HD Tie Rods, but the kicker braces I'll probably wait on. I was reading some about them, and it was saying that if they flex at all while offroading, they have to be replaced, and that they are more for uni-body than for a truck with a frame (I don't think that a 99 1500 is a uni-body, because I get under it and see and entire frame, that's what that means, right?) As for the spacers, does it matter if they are hub-centric or not? RCX sells rim spacers and I believe these are hub-centric, but either way i'm going to buy them from them when I buy the rest of the lift components. And so I understand what you were saying with the gears, if I go to 4.56 I'll get good power for onroad and offroad driving, or should I just keep the stock setup for now and look into this down the road? Thanks again for all the inputs. I love the quote at the end also about black rims. haha
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    I am not big on the So Cal squat look of that truck. But what I do like is the removal of the t bar.
  7. I'm good with keeping the torsion bars because that RCX lift keeps them tucked up. You get the ground clearance with them still on there, so I'm good with it. I had a 94 F150 that I ran the RCX 4" lift with, and loved it. The install was kinda painful because everything (stock) was put together with rivets, so taking them off was a little difficult, but it was an easy install. This one for my 1500 looks like it's even easier just shaving some off the front differential to clear the brackets. Also, being that on the link you posted for a price it says "call for pricing" means it's probably out of my budget. haha
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    Your best bet is to drive around with the lift and tires on stock gears and see how it is if u found it sluggish u can always go to a 4:56. The 4:56 is better if ur driving
    The truck everyday and if u goes on high ways cause your rpm won't be as high cruising as it would be with 4:88
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    Brad- Everyone I ever spoke to who was trying to sell me a lift said 3.73 gears are fine- no need to change them. I am now a firm believer that they were all liars who just wanted to sell me a lift and get me invested. No BS- a 1500 series on 35s does NOT perform well. I have less than 11k miles on my truck and it feels like the transmission is already going out. It has problems sinking in from one gear to the next and when on the highway with cruise control activated around 65 mph the truck shifts from 6th to 5th on every tiny incline in the road. That's why my suggestion for your lift Kit is now ProComp- rather than the Fabtech I went with after much research. Simply for one reason. They now offer a full powertrain warranty for your truck (if you dont live in Florida like me that is). I have a 2011 with a now voided warrenty, 11k miles and a near future of costly repairs. But it's pretty...

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