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  1. Alright, hopefully I can get to the bottom of all these questions. First off, I got a 1999 1500 EXT Cab Z71 and my on-road to off-road driving is about 75% (on-road) to 25% (off-road) but I love the ability to just go whenever I want.

    I've got aftermarket 16" rims and I want to do a 6" Rough Country NTD Drop lift kit. It basically says that you MUST have 17" rims with 4.5" backspacing to run the kit. Couldn't I get away with just adding 2" wheel spacers to get around this? Does anyone know if the knuckles would contact the rim with a 16" rim? Right now I'm unsure of my backspacking, but I noticed that my tires (most noticeable on the back) stick out a 1/4" to 1/2" beyond the body and with the stock rims and tires it was flush (if not recessed).

    Next question, I'm currently looking at Hercules Trail Digger M/T tires (315/75R-16) [35x12.4R-16]. Does anyone know anything about these? What are the best tires for the part-time off-roader that I am with the best value?

    thanks in advance guys...
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    I've got an 04 silvy with the 6" RC NTD kit on it. I Like it because the torsion bars stay up inside the frame rails as opposed to being dropped down with the lower controls, this maintains higher ground clearance under the cab.

    As far as i know the only difference between the kit i own and the one for the 99 trucks is that the frame crossmember under the transmission is s-shaped on the 99's.

    And as far as the 16 vs. 17 inch rim deal goes i'm pretty sure what they're trying to say is that: if your truck came stock from the factory with 17" wheels (because the rear brakes have dual piston rear calipers instead of single) then you have to run 17 or larger. My 04 has the single piston rear calipers, came with 16" rims and after installing the kit was able to still drive on my stock rims and tires until my 35x12.5x17's were ordered and installed, I went with 17's after only because the tires i was getting werent offered in a 16" rim and neither were the rims i wanted.

    Aftermarket wheels with offset aren't suppose to be run with wheel spacers because it supposedly puts alot of strain on the lugs but i'm pretty sure that some of the guys on here are running that setup.

    Hope this info was helpful.
  3. Oh man!! This is awesome!! Thanks very much for the help! One more question for you though...Rough Country offers kicker braces and I looked at these. Are these recommended for part-time off-roading? Same question with the HD Tie Rod sleeve they offer.

    my truck came with stock 16" rims, so ill have to chck on the calipers/pistons.

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