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  1. coldsteel1993

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    well i am looking into adding a lift soon, i am looking for input. i have a 96 4x4 1500. I wanna run at least a 35's. any ideas on sizes and brands would be greatly appreciated.
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    You will need a 6" lift for the 35's and depending on wheel offset and width you may have to do a little bumper trimming. I have a 6" Rancho on my '96 'burb since '97 and no issues. I had a ProComp on first when 'burb was new and it was junk. Removed after a year and installed the Rancho. The Rancho has a 1-piece welded sub-frame and the upper control arm brackets are cusseted. I have a set of the original MickeyThomspon Alcoa forged wheels, 16x10 and had to trim the bumper just a little.

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